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If you're a regular Crafttuts+ reader, you'll likely have noticed something a little different when you came to check the site today.

We're really excited to have incorporated Crafttuts+ into our new single Tuts+ site, and you now have one new, improved place to find all your favourite crafts tutorials. We'd love to explain a few of the new features and show you around.

Why the Change?

For the last six years, Tuts+ has been made up of many different tutorial sites. From Psdtuts+ to Crafttuts+, we've taught each subject on an individual website. As we continue to grow and expand into different areas, we think there's a better way.

So, you can now go to our new arts & crafts topic to see the latest tutorials and articles on homewares, sewing, knitting, paper crafts, jewellery, cross-stitching and more! When you’re there, you’ll also notice that, along with design changes, your craft content is now a part of a broader, consolidated Tuts+ site!

New Design and Features

With the new single Tuts+ site, we’ve worked to deliver an experience that makes it easy for you to find the content you want, and ensures that content is also a delight to read.

All of the articles and tutorials are still here (along with your comments), but we’ve designed a new way of presenting them and built new tools to help you navigate the library. You'll find:

  • A new, responsive design.
  • Super fast global search.
  • A more intuitive approach to browsing.
  • An improved category structure and navigation to make browsing easier.
  • Carefully formatted articles, and improved author profiles.
  • Network wide discovery, so you can stumble across fantastic learning categories you perhaps didn't even know we covered!

Easily Find What You're Looking for

We've made some big improvements to how we handle related and multi-part tutorials. 

If you're looking to learn a particular craft in detail, browse our arts & crafts series to see the entire collection of content that covers specific areas within this field. It's a great place to get started browsing our archive of tutorials and articles.

You can also easily browse by tools and materials, to quickly find tutorials and articles that will help you fine tune your skills with a particular medium or process. We've carefully curated these for our entire archive of tutorials.

We want to tailor this site to you—our readers—so your feedback is incredibly valuable to us. If you notice anything that looks awry, or something that doesn’t behave the way you’d like, we’d be grateful if you took the time to fill out this feedback form.

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