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Sew a Beautiful Colour-Block Pillowcase in Less Than an Hour

Adding new cushions to your sofa is a fantastic way to change the whole mood of your living space. But have you ever thought about making some new pillow shams to achieve the same effect in your bedroom? I like to have a plain white doona cover and mix things up by swapping out the pillow cases. When you make them yourself it's a super fast and cost-effective way to update your decor with a fresh new look.



1. Cut the Fabric

Pillows can vary in size, so before you buy and cut the fabric, measure your pillow and adjust your measurements accordingly. My finished pillowcase measures 28 x 18.5 inches.

Mint fabric: cut one piece for the front measuring 35.75 x 12.25 inches.

Mint fabric: cut one piece for the back measuring 29.75 x 19 inches.

Blue fabric: cut one piece for the front measuring 35.75 x 8 inches.


2. Assemble the Front Panel

Step 1

Place the long sides of the mint and blue panels right sides together. Using a quarter inch seam, sew them together to make the front of the pillowcase.


Step 2

Zig zag stitch along the edge of the seam.


Step 3

Press the seam flat, over towards the blue (or darkest fabric).


3. Make the Envelope Closure

Step 1

With the wrong side of the front fabric panel facing up, and the blue panel at the bottom, turn the left hand edge over by half an inch and press.

Turn the same edge over again by one inch and press.


Step 2

Stitch along the edge of the fold, about a quarter to an eighth of an inch from the bottom edge.


Step 3

Fold the same edge over by six inches and press. Set aside.


4. Hem the Back Panel

With the wrong side of the back fabric panel facing up, turn one of the short sides over by half an inch and press.

Then turn the same edge over by one inch and press.

Stitch along the edge of the fold, about a quarter to an eighth of an inch from the bottom edge.

This is the same as steps 1 and 2 above, so refer to those photos if you need to.

5. Assemble the Pillowcase

Step 1

Lay the back panel on your work surface with the right side facing up.

Lay the front panel on top with the right side facing down. Place it so that the folded edge is on the same end as the folded edge of the back panel.

Align all the edges and pin together.

Sew around three sides of the pillowcase, leaving the folded side open.

Step 2

Cut diagonally across the two corners, being careful not to cut the stitching.
Zig zag stitch around the seams on the three sides of the pillow case.


Step 3

Turn the pillowcase out the right way and press. Insert the pillow.

Relax and Enjoy Your Handiwork

In this tutorial you learned how to assemble and sew different panels of colour to make designer-style colour block pillowcases. You can apply these skills to make another pair of pillowcases in different colours.

This is a handy tutorial for updating the look of your bedroom without spending too much time - or money. What's not to love?


Tell me if you enjoyed this tutorial and please let me know if you have any questions in the comments below. I'd love to hear from you!

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