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Quick Tip: Make Pretty Lip Balm Packaging Using Spare Card & Paper

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This is a fun tutorial for making a pretty craft paper box for your lip balm. You can create lots of little boxes to use as packages for presents - simply pop a tube of lip balm in each box for a gorgeous gift. All you need is some craft paper and a bit of glue. You don't need to buy any new paper - try to reuse leftover scraps from other projects. Let's get started.



1. Glue the Paper

Use a bit of glue to fix the pattern to the back side of the craft paper (or card stock) so it doesn't move around while cutting.


2. Cut Out the Pattern

Use the Exacto (or craft) knife to cut out your pattern. Use the ruler to cut straight edges.


3. Score the Lines

Score along the dotted lines with the Exacto knife, using the blunt side (opposite the sharp edge) to gently indent the paper. Be careful not to cut through the paper. Again, use the ruler to help you score straight lines.


4. Fold the Edges

Fold the scored edges in.


5. Glue the Flap

Use the glue roller to add some adhesive to the side corner flap.


6. Attach the Corner Flap

Attach the side corner flap to the inside of the first edge, as demonstrated in the image below.


That's it!

Finish up by folding the top and bottom edges to close the box. Place your lip balm tubes inside and you're done! Nice work.

In this tutorial you learned how to make pretty packaging for lip balm, using just a small amount of colorful craft paper. This is a great project for re-purposing all of those spare pieces of paper in your craft kit, and the packaging makes a lip balm extra special.


You could also make a set of little boxes in co-ordinating prints and patterns.

Did you enjoy this quick tip? Tell us how you go with your lip balm boxes in the comments below.

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