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Quick Tip: Make A Vintage Bobbin Place Card Holder

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If you're looking for a quick project to liven up your table settings, it doesn't get much easier than these vintage thread bobbin place holders. Perfect for a vintage-themed (or crafty) wedding, this project is easy to do with fast results!


You Will Need...You Will Need...You Will Need...

1. Prep Your Bobbins

Firstly, you need to lay your hands on some vintage bobbins. You may have some hanging around in a drawer, or you could "source" some from your granny's sewing box. But if you haven't got any already, head to eBay, where you can usually pick up a handful for a few pounds.

To prepare your bobbin, if there is thread on the spool already, tuck the ends in. You can secure with a dab of clear nail polish if desired. If your bobbins are bare (ooh la la!), you can wind some thread or ribbon round in the colour of your choice or leave bare for a minimalist look.

2. Straighten Out

Next, take one of the paper clips and straighten it out at one end to give you a clip with one long side.

Prepping ClipsPrepping ClipsPrepping Clips

3. Make a Bobbin Sausage

Yes, that's a real thing now. Take the Blu-Tack and roll a small sausage out, ensuring it will fit in the hole of your bobbin.

Wrap the long end of the paper clip in the sausage of Blu-Tack.

Bobbin SausageBobbin SausageBobbin Sausage

4. Assembly

Take the wrapped paperclip and poke it down the hole of the bobbin. It will bunch up and the clip will securely stand in place. If the clip seems a bit wobbly, use more Blu-Tack.


Make a Whole Stack of Place Card Holders

See how quick and easy that was? Now make some more! You can use large bobbins, or why not glue two smaller bobbins together to create a variety?

Finished BobbinsFinished BobbinsFinished Bobbins

Use them as place names for your table, to hold postcards or photos on your mantlepiece or even to leave a note for your flatmate.

Do you have a party or a special event coming up? Do you think you'd like to make these vintage bobbin place card holders? Let us know in the comments below.

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