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Quick Tip: Make a Pop-Up Easter Egg Card


In this tutorial you'll learn how to recreate the magic of pop-up in a quick and easy way. As Easter is coming up, what better way to send a festive greeting than with a gift card that opens up to reveal a special three-dimensional surprise within.


What you'll need to make a Pop-up Easter Card
  • 20cm x 10cm rectangle of card stock (we used silver).
  • 19cm x 9cm rectangle of pink paper.
  • 2 thin strips of pastel paper, 7.5cm wide (edges snipped with pinking shears).
  • Pinking shears.
  • Ruler.
  • Glue stick.
  • Cutting knife.
  • Small circle stickers (we used silver).
  • Easter Egg Template (See below. Open the image in a new window or tab in your internet browser to access it at full size.)
Easter Egg Card Template

Step 1: Prepare the Card

Fold both the card rectangle and the paper rectangle in half.

Step 1 Easter Pop-up Card

Step 2: Transfer the Template

Download, print, and cut out the Easter Egg Template. Align the centre line of the egg template with the fold line on the pink paper rectangle. Trace around the template. Make sure that you are tracing onto the back side of the paper fold.

Step 2 Easter Pop-up Card

Step 3: Transfer the Cut Marks

Transfer the cut marks from the template onto the traced egg on the pink rectangle.

Step 3 Easter Pop-up Card

Step 4: Cut Out the Pop-up

Using a cutting knife, slice along the traced line of the egg. Leave the space in between the cut marks on the top and bottom of the egg uncut.

Step 4 Easter Pop-up Card

Step 5: Decorate the Egg

Use the silver circle stickers to decorate the egg. After cutting the coloured paper strips with a pair of pinking shears, use a glue stick to attach them across the egg, just below the fold line.

Step 5 Easter Pop-up Card

Step 6: Stick the Paper to the Card

Apply glue to the back side of the paper rectangle, leaving the egg itself free from adhesive. Stick the pink rectangle to the inside face of the silver card, aligning the fold lines together. When opened, the egg should 'pop out' from the rest of the card.

Step 6 Easter Pop-up Card

Write an Easter Greeting

Using just a few paper and card stock supplies, along with some nifty snips and folds, you've created your own pop-up card. Now you can experiment with different colours, patterns and textures to make it your own.

Finished Easter Pop-up Card

Don't forget to write a cheery Easter greeting inside and pop it in an envelope.

Let us know if you make this Easter card - we'd love to hear how you go! How would you personalise the card and make it your own?

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