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Quick Tip: Make a Gorgeous Sequinned Frame

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Give a simple picture frame a sparkly makeover with some sequins and a hot-glue gun. It'll add interest, texture and depth to the usual 2D gallery wall. Add an origami heart to the centre of the frame and you've got a lovely decoration for Valentine's Day.


  • Photo frame: the simpler, the better. This was a second-hand pine frame from IKEA.
  • Sequins. I used large, flat sequins as I prefer their look to the slightly 3D version.
  • Hot glue gun.
  • Glue gun sticks.

Step 1: Guns at the Ready

Heat your glue gun up and once the glue is flowing nicely, squirt a small line a few millimetres from the top of the frame. With hot glue guns, you need to work fast - the glue sets in seconds! So don't make the line of glue too long or it will dry before you get to stick your sequins on. Work with around five centimetres at a time.

Step 2: Stick 'em to It

Quickly stick your sequins into the glue so they slightly overlap the edge of the frame and also each other to cover the frame underneath as best as possible.

Step 3: Remove Any Dry Glue

Don't freak if the glue has dried before you've got to it all. Simply cut the excess by digging your fingernail into it (or knife/scalpel etc) at the end and peel away.

Step 4: Repeat, Repeat, Repeat

Continue in rows - go all the way around the frame, then overlap the first row with the second until the frame is covered. Fill in any gaps with a few extra sequins until there are no more empty spaces.

Step 5: Remove Any Dry Glue

The problem with hot glue guns is that they tend to leave little wispy strings of glue - a little like spiderwebs - wherever you go. Once you're finished, gently wipe away the excess glue with your finger. Most will simply wipe away or ball up a little into bunches and can be pulled off together. Now simply place a photo, picture or even origami heart inside and hang!

Do you like this tutorial? How would you personalise your own frame? Tell us your ideas (or ask any questions) in the comments section below.

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