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Quick Tip: Make a Fun Easter Surprise Ball

I don't know about you, but when I was little, I loved Easter egg hunts. It was such an adventure racing around the backyard in pursuit of shiny, colourful chocolates and finding them hidden under rocks or balanced carefully just out of eyesight in the bushes. Just because you're a grown-up doesn't meant you have to miss out on all the excitement, but why not add a little handmade touch to your Easter festivities this year? Surprise balls are little wrapped parcels filled with tiny trinkets and presents, hidden in layer upon layer of colourful crepe paper. It's such a treat to watch someone unravel one. Instead of chocolates this Easter, why not hide a bunch of these egg-inspired baubles around the garden? Your guests will have a ball hunting for them, literally!


  • Coloured crepe paper.
  • Card stock.
  • Pinking shears (scissors with a zig zag blade).
  • Double-sided sticky tape.
  • Collection of small trinkets (confetti, tiny toys, pom poms, etc).

Step 1: Wrap the First Trinket


Select your largest trinket (something round will work well). Choose a crepe paper colour and begin wrapping the trinket until it is completely covered.

Step 2: Wrap the Second Trinket


Trim the first crepe roll and choose a second item to wrap up, using a different coloured crepe roll. You don't need to stick the crepe down each time, as wrapping the surprise ball will conceal each layer of crepe as you go.

Step 3: Wrap the Remaining Trinkets


Continue wrapping each trinket, changing the crepe roll colour each time until all items are concealed within the ball.

Step 4: Seal the Ball


Affix a small strip of double-sided tape onto the inner end of the crepe roll and stick it down to seal the ball.

Step 5: Decorate the Ball


Cut a thin strip of coloured card and use pinking shears to make the edges zig-zagged. Cut a circle from contrasting card and use pinking shears around the edge. Decorate one face of the circle with coloured card, stickers, or whatever you like. Affix double-sided tape to the back of the strip and the circle. Wrap the strip around the ball, and stick the circle on top. Now make lots more and hide them in the garden for all your friends to find!


Do you love the idea of our Easter Surprise Balls? What would you wrap up in yours? Share your ideas in the comments space below.

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