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Make Personalized Enamel Mug Gifts

Final product image
What You'll Be Creating

Celebrate Aussie Father's Day and other occasions with this personalized mug project that Dad will love. This tutorial will show you how to create custom enamel camping mugs with nothing more than a few items you probably already have lying around the house. Let's get started.


Supplies Needed for Personalized Mug DIY
  • enamel camping mugs, like these
  • scrap paper
  • tape
  • permanent marker

1. Practice Your Designs

Step 1

Start by drawing test designs and phrases onto scrap paper. This is where you can experiment with different ideas, practice your handwriting, and decide on what you'd like the final design to look like.

Test Out Designs and Drawings for Mug DIY


Next, tape a small piece of paper to the mug.

Prepare Surface of Mug for Practice Drawing

Step 3

Then, practice your handwriting or drawing one more time on this taped piece of paper. This will help you get used to drawing on a curved surface, which can be a little bit of a challenge.

Practice Drawing on a Curved Surface

2. Draw Your Design onto Mug

Step 1

Finally, you are ready to draw your design or message directly onto your mug. Once drawn out, wait for the marker to dry (which only takes a minute) before going back over any areas that may need fixing, thicker lines, and final details.

Personalized Mug for Dad

Step 2

Once the surface is dry, it's ready to use.

Love You Dad Mug DIY

In this tutorial, you've learned how to make a unique set of customized enamel mugs, for Father's Day and beyond.

Personalized Camping Mugs

These mugs are not only great gifts for Dads, but also for outdoor enthusiasts, coffee drinkers, and more. The functionality and personalization make this project a great match for plenty of people on your gift list.

Camping Mug Gift Idea for Dad
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