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Make Fun Photobooth Props for Your Next Party

Have you ever been to a party with a photo booth filled with fun costumes and props? Well now you can make your very own, and very easily too. All you need is some card, skewers, and your imagination. Let's get started!


What you'll need to make your own photo booth props
Prop template
Prop template

1. Cut Out the Props

Download and print the photo booth prop templates. Transfer them to coloured card and cut them out. For the heart-shaped glasses, cut out the centres using a cutting knife.

For the party hat, if you wish, you can use crimping shears to trim the edge of the circle. Use the same circle template to cut a circle for the centre of the bow. Cut two sets of teeth from the template.

Photo booth props Step 1

2. Assemble the Shapes

Use double-sided tape to assemble the various components of the props.

Photo booth props Step 2

3. Decorate the Party Hat

Use round, coloured stickers to decorate the party hat so it has polka-dots.

Photo booth props Step 3

4. Decorate the Bow

Cut thins strips of coloured paper and if you like, trim the edges with crimping shears. These will form stripes for the bow. Stick strips of double-sided tape onto the stripes and stick them across the bow. Trim the excess with a cutting knife.

Photo booth props Step 4

5. Decorate the Propeller Hat

Trace the hat part of the template onto coloured paper and use it to cut two segments. Stick them onto the propeller hat using double-sided tape.

Photo booth props Step 5

6. Attach the Skewers

Turn all of the photo booth props over. Glue a strip of hot glue along the left side of one of the props. Stick the skewer along this strip of hot glue, pointy side up. Repeat with the remainder of the props.

Photo booth props Step 6

Get Ready to Pose!

You can experiment with different kinds of card and colours, and enlarge the templates with a photocopier to make each prop oversized and larger than life. It's up to you!


Make a whole stack of them in different colour combinations for your next party - your guests are sure to have a whole bunch of fun playing with them! Enjoy! Let us know how you go in the comments below.

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