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Make Easy Easter Eggs With Mini Party Hats For No-Dye Fun

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What You'll Be Creating

I love hats but never seem to find the right occasion to wear them. Except on Easter. Growing up, it was a family tradition to buy a new dress and hat each spring to wear proudly on Easter. Now I get to instill the love of Easter finery in my own children. So while we're shopping for new bonnets, we'll also be dressing up Easter eggs in their own personalized party hats. 


  • Eggs
  • Small cupcake liners in assorted colors
  • Construction paper
  • Scissors
  • Tape
  • Black marker

1. Make a Cone

Step 1

Use a cup to trace a semi-circle on construction paper. Use the edge of the paper to create your semi-circle.

Step 2

Cut out the shape.

Step 3

Twist it into a cone shape and secure with tape.

2. Add Cupcake Liners

Step 1

Cut out the rim of a mini cupcake liner.

Step 2

Attach it to the inside of the cone and secure with tape.

3. Decorate Hats

Now that you know how to make the basic party hat for an egg, you can go wild with variations! Add stripes, polka dots or even a feather. Bonus points for making the entire hat with layers of different cupcake liners.

4. Draw Faces

Use a black marker to give your eggs a face to match their hat.

Set the Table with Party Hat Eggs

This tutorial is a simple, fun way to decorate Easter eggs - without the mess of dyes! Kids (and parents too) can personalize eggs using materials they already have on hand. Who wouldn't want a mohawk egg?

Party hat eggs make a perfect place setting - and not just for the kids table!

Are you a hat lover too? Let us know your favorite way to make your own party hats!

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