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Make Cute Origami Bunny Decorations for Easter


Make a family of bunnies from origami paper using a traditional Japanese design. Scatter the bunnies around the dining table as sweet decoration or make an easy mobile. This is a great last minute Easter craft and decoration.


origami bunny supplies
  • Origami paper.
  • For the bunny mobiles.
  • Bunnies you've made from seven co-ordinating papers.
  • The inside section of an embroidery hoop.
  • Sewing thread.
  • Sewing needle.
  • Tape.

1. Make the Bunnies

Use double-sided origami paper so the bunny's ears are a different colour to its body.

Step 1

Place the paper with the bunny's body colour facing up.

origami bunny 1

Fold in half, open flat and turn the paper 90 degrees. Fold in half again and open flat.

origami bunny 2

Step 2

Turn the paper over so the other side is facing up.

origami bunny 3

Turn the paper 45 degrees and fold in half diagonally. Open flat and fold in half diagonally so your folds form an X.

origami bunny 4

Hold the two bottom corners of the triangle and move your hands towards the centre, pushing the paper inwards.

origami bunny 5

The paper will form into a triangle.

origami bunny 6
origami bunny 7

Step 3

Place the triangle down with the point facing up.

Fold the left hand corner into the centre so the corner meets the top corner of the triangle.

origami bunny 9
origami bunny 10

Repeat with the bottom left corner.

origami bunny 11

Step 4

Turn the paper 45 degrees and fold in the left, then right corners of the centre diamond so the points align with the centre.

origami bunny 12
origami bunny 13

Step 5

Fold the top right front flap down.

origami bunny 14

Fold again diagonally.

origami bunny 15
origami bunny 16

Open the flap below it and tuck the folded flap into the pocket.

origami bunny 17

Repeat with the top left flap.

origami bunny 18

Step 6

Turn the paper over.

origami bunny 19

Fold the left hand corner into the centre so the corner meets the top corner of the triangle.

origami bunny 20

Repeat on the right-hand-side. The paper will now be a diamond shape.

Step 7

Fold the front right flap over to the left.

origami bunny 21

Fold the front flap (which is now on the left) over towards the centre line.

Move the front flap back over to the right.

origami bunny 22

Now repeat on the other side. Fold the front left flap over to the right.

origami bunny 23

Fold the front flap (which is now on the right) over towards the centre line.

origami bunny 25

Move the front flap back over to the left.

origami bunny 26

Step 8

Fold the top left layer out to the left.

origami bunny 27

Repeat with the top right layer.

origami bunny 28

Open out the ears and run your finger along the insides of the ears to keep them open.

origami bunny 29
origami bunny 30

Step 9

Blow into the bunny's 'mouth' to inflate him.

origami bunny 31
origami bunny 32

2. Make a Sweet Bunny Mobile

the red thread origami bunny mobile

Step 1

Thread the needle and pass it through the bunny's 'mouth'.

origami bunny mobile step 1

Step 2

Bring the needle out through the centre top of the bunny's head.

origami bunny mobile step 1a

Step 3

Tie a loop in the end of the thread and wrap some tape around it. Wrap the tape so that it's small enough to pass through the mouth.

origami bunny mobile step 1b

Step 4

Pull the thread through the bunny. The taped end will pass through the mouth - ease it through gently - and it will stay inside the bunny. Repeat for the remaining six bunnies.

origami bunny mobile step 1c

Step 5

Mark seven evenly spaced pencil lines around the embroidery hoop.

origami bunny mobile step 2

Step 6

Join the bunnies to the embroidery hoop by wrapping the thread around the hoop a few times and tie a knot. Trim off the loose end.

Hang each bunny lower than the previous one to create a spiral effect.

origami bunny mobile step 2a
origami bunny mobile

Decorate Your House With Bunnies

Now it's time to decorate your house with your new 3D origami bunnies. You could place them on a mantle in the order of the colour spectrum or you could pop them on each person's plate at the dinner table.

If you've go on and made the mobile, it would make a wonderful focal point hanging over a table, or you could even hang it over a baby's cot or kid's bed. Have fun and Happy Easter!

How did your 3D origami bunnies work out? Did you find any part of it tricky? What other origami tutorials would you like to see? Tell us in the comments section below.

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