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Make a Wrapped Leather Secret Code Bracelet

Have you ever wanted to say something to a special someone in secret code? Send them the message in this super-cute bracelet using International Morse Code! This tutorial will show you how to make your own customised secret code bracelet with a printable code key. You don't even need any special jewellery skills. Give it a try!


  • Pink and grey embroidery thread.
  • Brown waxed linen thread or bamboo cord.
  • Braided leather cord.
  • Two large beads. Try to get large beads with holes that are big enough for the floss, but small enough that you can secure it with a knot.
  • Measuring tape or ruler.
  • Scissors.
  • Inkjet printer.
  • Fancy printer paper. I gave my paper a 'vintage' look by dyeing a sheet of regular A4 printer paper in a bath of black tea and coffee.

Step 1: Print Out the Code Key

Click here to download the Morse code key template. The file will print on letter paper, but can be adjusted for any paper size. There are twelve on one sheet. You could also hand-write it if you don't have a printer.


Cut one of the code keys out to use for your bracelet. Save the extras in case you want to make more.


Take a look at the Morse code key. To translate dots and dashes to wraps of thread, I've come up with a helpful list of rules that we're going to follow:

1. A dot is equal to one wrap of thread.
2. A dash is equal to three wraps of thread.
3. The space between parts of the same letter is equal to one wrap.
4. The space between two letters is equal to three wraps.
5. The space between two words is equal to seven wraps.

Step 2: Cut Your Drawstrings

Cut two 36cm (14 in) long pieces of the grey embroidery thread. These will be your drawstrings.


Step 3: Cut Your Braided Leather

Cut two 20.5cm (8in) pieces of braided leather cord.


Step 4: Centre the Drawstrings With the Braided Leather

Hold your drawstrings with the leather pieces so that there is an equal amount hanging off each end.


Step 5: Begin Wrapping the Leather

Lay a new piece of grey embroidery thread over the braided leather.


Lay about 4cm of the pink embroidery thread down in the opposite direction, and begin to wrap around both threads, the two drawstrings, and leather cords. If you wrap tightly, you won't need to knot the thread on this end.


Wrap 35cm of pink onto the braided leather.


Wrap the thread through the middle of the two pieces of leather and pull it tight.


Step 6: Wrap the First Letter

Wrap the first letter of the message, "I" by switching to the grey thread and wrapping once around the leather, then through the centre of the leather cords. You'll wrap through the centre of the leather pieces every time you switch colours.


The space between parts of a letter is equal to one dot. Switch to the pink and wrap once.


Switch to the grey and wrap once more. Now you're done with the first letter!


The space between words in Morse code is equal to seven dots. Switch to the pink and wrap seven times.


Step 7: Wrap the Rest of the Message

Now that you've done the first letter, follow the Morse code key to spell out the rest of the message, "love you". Here is the pattern:

g= grey p= pink

L: g p g g g p g p g
Space: p p p
O: g g g p g g g p g g g
Space: p p p
V: g p g p g p g g g
Space: p p p
E: g
Word Space: p p p p p p p
Y: g g g p g p g g g p g g g
Space: p p p
O: g g g p g g g p g g g
Space: p p p
U: g p g p g g g

Step 8: End the Bracelet

Wrap 35cm of pink to finish off the bracelet. Tie a double knot.


Trim off the extra thread.


Step 9: Add the Beads

String the beads onto the drawstrings and knot the ends. Make sure the knot is big enough to keep the bead on.


Step 10: Make Your Bracelet Adjustable

Cut 30.5cm (12in) of waxed linen thread or bamboo cord.


Lay the drawstrings one over the other.


Lead the linen thread under both drawstrings.


Move the right end over the drawstrings and under the left end. Lead the left end under the drawstrings and over the right end. Pull tight, but not too tight that you can't pull the drawstrings through.


Now do the same knot the opposite way by moving the left under the right, and the right over the left.


Keep knotting until you've made at least 12 square knots.

Step 11: Tie the Knots

Tie two simple knots on the backside of the square knots. Cut off the extra thread.


Pull the drawstrings to tighten the bracelet. Now you have an adorable adjustable bracelet with a super sweet secret message.


Did you make this bracelet? What did you think? Did you use a different secret message? We would love to hear about it in the comments section below!

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