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Make a Set of Vintage Floral Hama Bead Coasters


Vintage floral prints are bang-on-trend in fashion and homewares this season, and they're the inspiration for these Hama (or Perler) bead coaster designs. Inspired by the kind of vibrant florals you'd typically see in domestic bed linen of the '60s and '70s, these coasters will add a dash of retro playfulness to your decor. Print out the free downloadable patterns and get started!


Supplies for vintage fabric coasters tutorial

1. Lay Out Your Bead Design

Step 1

Following the downloadable patterns, place your beads, one by one, on the pegboard for your first coaster. It helps if you count the number of beads over from the end of each line. You might like to sort your beads into colours before you start.

Hama bead vintage fabric coaster tutorial
Hama perler beads

2. Iron Your Bead Design

Step 1

Once your design is finished, place your peg-board on a ceramic tile (or other heat-proof surface) and cover your pegs with the silicon baking paper. Set your iron to its hottest setting (linen) and turn off the steam function.

Carefully iron over the baking paper using slow, circular movements. Iron for around 10 seconds at a time and check your design to see when the beads have fused together.

Vintage fabric Hama bead tutorial

Depending on the heat of your iron, your design should fuse between 15 and 20 seconds, but it may take longer. Just take your time and ensure you're distributing the heat evenly across the design.

Vintage fabric Hama bead coasters

Step 2

Once all the beads have melted and fused, leave your design to cool, then carefully remove from the pegboard.

Hama bead vintage fabric coaster tutorial

Step 3

Flip your design and place it back on to the tile or heat-proof surface. Cover with silicon baking paper and iron the back of the design.

Step 4

Once the beads have fused on the back of your design, carefully peel it off the pegboard while it's still warm. You'll notice that it's curling up at the ends. Ensure it sets completely flat by placing your warm coaster on a flat service and cover with a pile of heavy books. Leave for a few hours or until completely cool and set.

3. Repeat for All Four Coasters

Repeat steps 1 and 2 for all four coaster designs.

600px Coaster 4
600px Coaster 2
Hama Bead vintage fabric coaster tutorial

Set Your Vintage Table and Enjoy

In this tutorial you learned how to lay out four different Perler bead designs to create a set of vintage-inspired floral coasters.

Now that you've made your first set of coasters, you might like to change the colour-ways to create a new set.

If you'd like to experiment with your own designs, have a look at some vintage prints and fabrics for inspiration.

Hama bead vintage florals coaster tutorial
Vintage floral Hama bead coasters tutorial
Vintage floral Hama bead coasters tutorial

Do you like making things with Hama beads? You can learn how to make a set of Hama bead Space Invaders decorations here. Let us know how you go in the comments below.

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