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Make a Gorgeous Neon Rope Necklace

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Wherever you are in the world right now it's more than likely that you're willing the weather to change. This necklace is a perfect transitional piece that will take you into the next season. The neon keeps it summery and beachy but the old gold is perfect for crisp autumn days. I haven't taken it off since I made it and can't stop thinking of all the different colour-ways that I can make it in. Read on for the how-to.


  • Tiger tail.
  • Neon rope.
  • Cord ends.
  • Crimps.
  • Spring opening clasp.
  • 7mm Jump rings.
  • 5mm Jump rings.
  • Large seed beads.

Step 1: Start the First Circle


To make the gorgeous knotted loops you need to make 16 circles, so start by cutting 16 lengths of 20cm tiger tails. Be careful not to cut the lengths of tiger tail too short as it will make completing the circle difficult.

Now take a length of tiger tail and thread 23 seed beads. You can add more or less if you wish, but I found this amount made the perfect size circle.

Step 2: Make the First Circle


Once your beads are threaded add a crimp to one end. Thread the end of the wire, without a crimp, through the crimp in the opposite direction and pull the wire tight to create a circle shape.

Step 3: Complete the First Circle


Fasten your crimp with a pair of point nose pliers. Thread the remaining wire through the two beads either side of the crimp and cut off the remaining wire.

Step 4: Make the Second Circle


Once you have mastered the first circle you are well on your way to completing your necklace. For the rest of this tutorial you will be repeating steps 1 to 3. To make the second circle, take another piece of tiger tail and thread 23 beads. Before you fasten the crimp, thread through the first circle to make the start of your chain. Fasten your circle as the outlined in the above steps.

Step 5: Make a Chain


Repeat step 4 and make a chain which has seven interlinked circles.

Step 6: Create a Second Row


This is where it can get a little tricky. To create your second row you need to add your circles to every second link, starting with loop one. Follow these directions to create your chain:

Loop one: add one circle.

Loop three: add two circles.

Loop five: add two circles.

Loop seven: add one circle.

You should be a master of creating circles by now, so create these circles in exactly the same way as outlined in steps 1 to 4.

Step 7: Create a Third Row


For this step I found it easier to stick my beads onto a table as you can lose your place. By now you should have six circles on row two, so now you need to join these together to make a third row.

If you number each circle 1 to 6 you will need to join them with a beaded circle as follows:

Circle one and two;

Circle three and four; and

Circle five and six.

Got it? Good job. Now that this part is completed, set to one side while you prepare the cord.

Step 8: Cut the Cord


Cut two lengths of cords 20cm long. I found that it's easier to add a small piece of tape before I cut the cord to prevent it from unravelling.

Step 9: Attach Cord Ends


Attach the cord ends to each end of the cord, making sure the loop is pointing outwards.

Step 10: Fasten the Cord


Using a 7mm jump ring, attach the cord to the first loop of your necklace. Repeat on both sides.

Step 11: Fasten the Clasps


Using a 5mm jump ring, fasten the clasp onto the left cord and a 7mm jump ring to the right cord.


That's it - you've completed a really fabulous piece of jewellery. Enjoy wearing it!

Are you going to make this necklace? Let us know in the comments section below - we'd love to hear how you get on.

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