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Make a Gorgeous Nautical Knot Rope Necklace


Classic nautical style is typically reinvented each season, and this summer is no exception with rope accessories leading the trend. In this tutorial you'll learn how to make a bang-on-trend rope necklace with a maritime knot. It may look a bit complicated, but it's fairly straight-forward if you follow my step-by-step instructions. This is a quick project with a satisfying end result that you will love wearing!


1-nautical knot necklace-supplies

1. Make the Nautical Knot

Step 1

First, cut the twisted cord in to six equal lengths. I wanted a fairly long necklace so I cut my cord to a length of 85cm (33 in.). Use the cord to measure your desired length, and then add on 15cm (6 in.).

2-nautical knot necklace-cut rope
3-nautical knot necklace-cut rope-6 strings

Step 2

Now separate the cords into two sets of three strands each.

4-nautical knot necklace-separate in 2 sets

Form a loop with each set of cords. Make the two loops face each other.

5-nautical knot necklace-make two loops

Step 3

Now place the left loop on top of the right one.

6-nautical knot necklace-place loops one over the other
7-nautical knot necklace-place loops one over the other b

Step 4

Weave the two loops together to form the nautical knot. The cords need to interweave, forming an over-under pattern at the intersecting points. First, take the lower left end of the upper loop and pass it under the lower loop.

8-nautical knot necklace-weave loops 1

Then pass it over and under again.

9-nautical knot necklace-weave loops 2

Take the upper right set of strands and pass it over and under the crossing strings.

10-nautical knot necklace-weave loops 3
11-nautical knot necklace-weave loops 4

Place the lower right set of strands over the crossing loop.

12-nautical knot necklace-weave loops 5

Now check that your design matches with the one shown below.

13-nautical knot necklace-weave loops 6

Step 5

Hold the right ends with one hand and the left ends with the other and pull them gently to tighten the knot.

14-nautical knot necklace-pull knot

When completely tight, adjust the strands for a perfect knot.

15-nautical knot necklace-adjust knot

That's it, you've made a nautical knot!

16-nautical knot necklace-adjust knot2

2. Trim and Glue the Ropes

Step 1

Bring the two set of strands upwards to form a circle, the shape of the necklace. Make sure that the strands are set in the correct order as they come out of the knot. It's important that they don't interweave so you get a clean result.

17-nautical knot necklace-curve strings

It's more than likely that all of that weaving and pulling has resulted in uneven lengths of cord. Hold the strands on the left side tightly and trim the excess ends. Cut them in a straight line at a slight angle.

18-nautical knot necklace-cut strings

Now trim the excess ends on the other side. If you want your necklace to be slightly asymmetric, cut this side shorter than the other. In that way the knot will not be directly in the center of the necklace.

19-nautical knot necklace-cut ropeb

Step 2

Plug in the hot glue gun to warm the glue. In the meantime, cut a small rectangular piece of red felt to 2.5cm x 3cm (1in. x 1.2in). Add some glue to half of the surface of the felt.

20-nautical knot necklace-glue

Place the cords on top of the glue and press. Make sure that the cords are in the correct order before gluing them in place.

22-nautical knot necklace-glue2

Now, add some more glue on top, fold the felt and press again to glue firmly. Trim the felt if it is too big.

21-nautical knot necklace-glue3

3. Add the Closure

Step 1

Now you are ready to add the closure elements. I used an antique bronze color for all of my elements, but you can choose gold or silver. Just make sure that the elements (jump rings, chain, clasps) are in the same color.

Take a fastener clasp and run some glue inside. Push it on to the felted end of the necklace.

23-nautical knot necklace-add the closing clasp

Now using the flat nose pliers, press down firmly on the clasp to keep it in place.

24-nautical knot necklace-press clasp

Repeat the same process on the other side.

25-nautical knot necklace-repeat clasps

Step 2

Hold the right end of your necklace. Take one jump ring and pass it through the hole of the fastener clap. Pass the lobster clasp through the other end of the jump ring.

26-nautical knot necklace-add the clasp

To close the jump ring, hold each end separately with a pair of flat nose pliers and join them together.

27-nautical knot necklace-close the circle

Step 3

Now, add a chain to the other end of the necklace. You can use the chain as a multiple closing, providing diverse possibilities for the length of the necklace. Just check that the holes of the chain are big enough for the lobster clasp. You could also add just one big ring instead. Take the other jump ring and pass it through the hole of the fastener clap. Pass the one end of the chain through the other end of the jump ring.

28-nautical knot necklace-add chain

Now, close the jump ring using the two flat nose pliers.

29-nautical knot necklace-close the circle of chain

Wear Your New Necklace

Now your necklace is ready to wear. Try wearing it with Breton stripes for a cute seaside look.

30-nautical knot necklace-final product1

In this tutorial you've learned how to make a nautical knot and turn it into a bang-on-trend rope necklace.

You can use the same knotting technique in various projects with different colors and sizes of rope. For instance, you could create single or double strand nautical rope bracelets. Or you even made a nautical knot to decorate a parcel.

31-nautical knot necklace-final product2

Do you know any other nautical knots? Can you think of any other cool projects to make with nautical knots? Share your ideas with us in the comments section below.

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