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Make a Gorgeous Knotted Charm Bracelet

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These simple French-inspired knot bracelets look so pretty when layered together. In this tutorial, you'll learn how to make a simple plaited bracelet that can be combined with charms and vintage treasures. This project is perfect for crafters of all levels, especially children.


  • Nylon cord.
  • Charms, with jump rings attached.
  • Pliers.
  • Scissors.
  • Tea light candle.

1. Prepare Your Charms

If you need to detach your charms from a chain, use pliers and make sure you keep the jump rings, as you’ll need them later.


2. Cut the Cord

Cut three pieces of cord about 45cm long. I used bright tonal pinks and purples but there are some great colours in nylon cord available, so you can come up with some really amazing combinations.


3. Tie a Knot

Fold your cord lengths in half. Measure 5cm from the centre and tie a simple knot.


4. Plait the Cord

Fix your cord to a flat surface using tape and start plaiting towards the centre of your bracelet. You want to keep the tension fairly tight as this forms the central part of your bracelet. Keep knotting for 10cm.


5. Tie a Knot

Hold the end of the plaited section tightly in one hand and tie another knot to keep the cord lengths together.


6. Close the Bracelet

Step 1

Lay the cords out in a straight line. Take the cords on one side of the plait back on itself and knot just next to the knot at the end of the plaited section.You need to keep the knots tight enough to be secure but loose enough to move up and down your cord.

Repeat on the other side and cut off any remaining length.


Step 2

To secure the ends and to stop the thread from fraying, melt the ends of the cords with a tea-light or lighter. Obviously, be very careful around any flame and make sure you don't actually set the cord alight. Blow out the flame as soon as you're done.


7. Add Your Charms

Decide where you're going to place your charms first. We placed one in the centre of the bracelete and two on either side, spaced apart by 1cm. To fasten the charms, open your jump ring and thread onto the plaited section and then close again. It's that simple!


That's It. Now Make More Bracelets!

You've just completed a gorgeous French-style friendship bracelet using a simple plaiting and knotting technique. This kind of project is perfect for repurposing any broken pieces of jewellery - just salvage the bits you like and thread them on to the plait. You could also try attaching tiny tassels, shells (with drilled holes) or beads. Experiment with different knot combinations for a different look.

How did you find this tutorial? Let us know if you have any bracelet-making tips and tricks in the comments below.

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