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Make a Gorgeous Garland of Feather and Glitter String Lights

Final product image
What You'll Be Creating

Cast an ethereal signature glow at your wedding (or special celebration) with these handmade string lights adorned with feathers and glitter.


  • String lights
  • White feathers
  • Mini rice paper lanterns or paper cups
  • Glitter
  • Paint brush
  • Decoupage glue (or mod podge)
  • Hot glue gun

1. Make Glittery Feathers

Step 1

Divide your feathers into two groups  - one group will remain plain while the others will be painted with glitter. 

Using the feathers that are to be painted, brush one side of the feathers with decoupage glue.

Step 2

Sprinkle a generous amount of glitter on to the feathers, and leave to dry. Once the glue is dry, shake off the excess glitter. 

Repeat steps 1 and 2 with the remaining feathers from your 'to be painted' pile. 

2. Make the Feather Lanterns

Step 1

Using your hot glue gun, apply glue to the paper lanterns.

Step 2

Cover most of the lantern with the plain un-glittered feathers. 

Step 3

Now attach the glittered feathers to the rice paper lantern, blending with the plain feathers. 

Step 4

Repeat steps 1, 2 and 3 with the rest of the paper lanterns.

3. Attach the String Light

Attach each rice paper lantern to your string of lights. The paper lanterns are made with a removable metal frame inside, just like ordinary Chinese paper lantern lamps. Simply attach the inner metal frame of the paper lantern on to the string lights.

Dazzle Your Guests

These decorated string lights are ultra-versatile: use them to decorate outdoor spaces for your wedding, or to light up your the table setting. 

They will add an ethereal glow to your festivities, and best of all, they look just as good unlit as they do lit. 

Keep the theme going throughout your wedding, with glittered feathers decorating your invitations, place cards and bridal bouquet. If you're planning to make a lot of things for your wedding, make sure you check out all of our wedding and bridal tutorials

Have you tried to customise your own lights? Please share any tips or advice in the comments space below. 

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