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Make a Glittery Egg Centrepiece with Fresh Flowers for Easter

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What You'll Be Creating

Everything is better with glitter, so be sure to add some sparkle to your Easter decor this year. In this tutorial, eggs are transformed into a glittery centrepiece with fresh spring blooms.


  • Pre-blown eggs (you can buy these in some craft stores)
  • Small plate
  • Glitter
  • Decoupage glue (or Mod Podge)
  • Paint brush
  • Glue gun
  • Fresh flowers

1. Make the Glitter Eggs

Step 1

Apply a nice thick coat of decoupage glue all over your egg.

Step 2

Pour a generous amount of glitter over the egg.

Repeat Steps 1 and 2 to ensure the egg is completely coated with glitter.

Step 3

If there’s not a hole already in the top of the egg, use a pin or an egg-pricker to pierce a hole. You can make a larger hole with the tip of your paintbrush.

Don’t be afraid of making the hole too big, as you will be able to fit more flowers in it!

2. Make the Glitter Plate

Step 1

Mix glitter and decoupage glue (Mod Podge) on the plate and make an even layer. It doesn't have to cover the whole plate but try to create an organic-looking design.

Step 2

Using your glue gun, attach the eggs by adding glue on both the plate and egg.

Step 3

You can make a large hole in the eggs with the tip of your paintbrush. Don’t be afraid of making the hole too big, as you'll have more space for flowers.

Repeat with the rest of the eggs, creating a pleasing arrangement on the plate.

You’re Done!

All you need to do now is carefully add some water and a single fresh flower to each egg. 

These pretty glittery gems will make an eye-catching centrepiece on your Easter table and would make a gorgeous hostess gift, too. Who wouldn’t love to receive an Easter gift with both glitter and flowers? 

Do you love using glitter? What kind of flowers would you place in your egg vases? We would love to hear your creative ideas in the comment field below.

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