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Make a Beautiful Fresh Flower Wrap for Your Bun

Fashion is blooming right now! Floral prints are a hot trend for spring/summer 2013, and flower crowns have been spotted on all our favorite celebs. For a fun twist on the trend, try making an easy wrap for your top-knot or bun with gorgeous fresh flowers. It's easy, fast and makes the messiest of buns super romantic. Even better? It can double as a pretty bracelet.



1. Cut the Floral Wire

Step 1

Cut a length of floral wire about 10 inches (25cm) long with wire cutters. Put your hair in a quick bun and cut the length so that it's roughly halfway around the bun (the length will vary depending on how much hair you have).

Step 2

Twist each end of the wire into a small loop, as pictured below.

Cut wireCut wireCut wire

2. Arrange the Flowers

Step 1

Arrange the flowers on the wire for positional purposes, using a bigger flower in the center and smaller ones on the edges. You might like to take a quick pic of your arrangement for future reference.

Step 2

Cut the stems, leaving around two to three inches (5cm to 8 cm) of stem.

Arrange flowersArrange flowersArrange flowers

Step 3

Remove the flowers from the wire and set aside.

Then hold the wire by the ends and twist.

twist wiretwist wiretwist wire

Step 4

Insert flowers back into the wire through the loops, referring back to your photo if necessary.

add flowersadd flowersadd flowers

3. Tape the Flowers

Step 1

Bending the stems to the side, start wrapping both the wire and stems with floral tape.

wrap stemswrap stemswrap stems

Step 2

Keep wrapping until you have added all of the flowers.

finish tapingfinish tapingfinish taping

4. Add the Ribbon

Step 1

Pull a piece of ribbon through the end loops of the wire.

add ribbonadd ribbonadd ribbon

Step 2

Put your hair in a bun or top-knot. Bend the wire so it sits close to your hair and tie the ribbon into a bow.

tie ribbontie ribbontie ribbon

Wear Your Bun Wrap

A pretty floral 'do is casual enough for a day at the park and it's also perfect for a summer wedding - or festival.


Try it on your arm as well!


If you'd like to make a decadent Frieda Kahlo-inspired floral crown using fake flowers, head over to our tutorial here. Or would you prefer to craft with fresh flowers? Let us know in the comments - we'd love to hear from you!

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