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Make a Beautiful Embellished Jewel Collar

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Embellished collars have been a fashion staple for a few seasons now and I'm here to show you how easy it is to make your own. I went for a striking black and silver version but I think a pastel version with silver would work just as well. My original idea was to buy a thrifted shirt and bedazzle the collar, but I bought a cheap store version instead. Either works - just make sure it fits your neck!


  • One shirt.
  • An assortment of gem stones (different sizes and shapes).
  • Gem stone glue.

Step 1: Remove the Collar

The first step is to remove your collar from the body of your shirt by cutting very closely along the joining seam. If your edges are on the raggedy side, tidy them up and cut off any loose threads once you have removed the collar. Take your time on this bit as you don't want to cut through your collar.

Step 2: Decide on Design

Using the largest sized gem stones, mark your pattern, mirroring on the left and right sides. It doesn't matter too much if they are not completely symmetrical but it will help when adding the smaller stones. I kept the pattern on the fronts of the collar the same, but feel free to stick your gems on more randomly.

Step 3: Glue Your Gems

Place a generous drop of fabric glue to the back of each gem stone and stick into place. Depending on the instructions on your glue, you might want to leave to it to dry for a few seconds before sticking down. Repeat this with all your big stones until they are all stuck into place.

Step 4: Fill in the Gaps

Using your smaller gems, start to fill in the gaps between the large stones, sticking your gems on one side first and then repeating on the other. Try to fill up the first quarter of the collar with gems as you won't need to create a symmetrical pattern on the back. I used a mix of circular, oval and tear-drop shapes to create a really decadent look.

Step 5: Embellish the Back of the Collar

Start in the flavor of the back section and randomly glue your jewels into place, making sure you use a good mix of different shapes.

Work outwards from the flavor of the collar towards the edges, filling in all the gaps as you go. After lots of sticking your collar will be fully embellished. Leave to dry, ideally overnight if you can, and then it's ready to wear.

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