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Knitting Fundamentals: How to Weave in the Ends

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What You'll Be Creating

After you bind-off a knitting project, and finish your "I'm done!" happy dance, you may realize that you've got at least a couple of yarn ends dangling from your project. No need to worry - invisibly weaving in those tails is simpler than you may think! Check out the following video tutorial to learn how.


  • Big yarn needle that you can thread onto your yarn tails
  • Current knitting project
  • Scissors
  • Needle threader (optional, but it will help to thread your yarn)

The Method

As is the case with many of the steps in the knitting process, there are quite a few different ways to weave in yarn ends. Today, I'll be sharing a method that will help you invisibly weave your ends into the back side of projects that use the stockinette stitch (or stocking stitch if you're in the UK) by duplicating purl stitches.

What Is Your Favourite Weaving-in Method?

As I mentioned before, there are many ways to weave yarn tails into your work. Do you have a favourite method that you use?

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