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Knit a Cosy Hairband for Winter

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What You'll Be Creating
Extra-fluffy hairbands/ear warmers have popped up on the fashion radar. Whether they're topped with a giant bow, cinched up in a turban style, or just simple chunky knit band, these accessories are ones that will keep you warm, and add a little extra style to your winter outfits.


  • Knitting needles. For this extra chunky hairband, you'll need a pair of 9mm (US size 13) straight knitting needles.
  • Main yarn. This project calls for a super-bulky weight yarn. I love Wool-Ease, Thick and Quick, so I used one skein of it in "Fisherman" for my main yarn color.
  • Accent Yarn. You will only need about 0.74m (2.5ft) of an accent yarn color. This yarn should be the same weight as your main yarn. I used Wool-Ease, Thick and Quick in "Lemongrass".
  • Needle threader. This is optional, but very handy when it comes to getting that super-bulky yarn through the small eye of a yarn needle.
  • Scissors
  • Yarn needle

1. Cast On

Using your main yarn color, create a slip knot, and then cast a total of ten stitches onto one of your knitting needles.

If you're not quite sure how to cast-on, feel free to check out our casting-on tutorial.

Cosy Knitted Hair Band Cast-On

2. Complete Row One

If you can do a knit stitch and a purl stitch, you can complete this hairband with absolutely no problem at all.

On row one, and all of the following odd-numbered rows, you will be starting with a knit stitch. After that purl the second stitch. Then, continue the pattern of knit one, purl one, until you've completed every stitch in the first row.

Cosy Knitted Hair Band Row One

3. Complete Row Two

Row two, and all of the following even numbered rows, will be very similar to row one, except that you will purl the first stitch and knit the second one. Continue purling one and knitting one in this manner until all of the stitches in the second row have been completed.

Cosy Knitted Hair Band Row Two

4. Continue Knitting

As you continue creating your hairband, keep repeating the knit one and purl one pattern on all of the odd numbered rows, and repeating the purl one and knit one pattern on all of the even numbered rows.

The pattern you're creating (alternating between knits and purls on odd rows and purls and knits on even rows) is called the seed stitch in the United States, and is often referred to as the moss stitch in the U.K. So, depending on where you hail from, you will complete the entire hairband in the seed/moss stitch.

Keep working until you've finished 60 rows. At this point your work should measure 36.83 to 38.1 centimeters (14.5in to 15in) and it should fit around your head with just a bit of overlap. If you find that you're hairband has not quite reached this length after 60 rows, continue knitting until it measures correctly.

Cosy Knitted Hair Band Keep Knitting

5. Bind Off

Staying within your alternating knit/purl pattern, bind your work off.

Cosy Knitted Hair Band Bind-Off

Once you have bound off the last stitch, cut an extra long tail that measures about 45.72cm (1.5 feet). Then, carefully and loosely, pull this tail through the last stitch to tie off your work.

Cosy Knitted Hair Band Tie Off

6. Seam Ends Together

You've just created an extra long rectangle, but I promise, it will start to look like a hairband very soon! This is the step in which that extra long tail comes in handy. You're going to use it to seam the small ends of your rectangle together.

Cosy Knitted Hair Band Rectangle

First, thread the end of the tail onto a yarn needle. Now bring the small ends of your rectangle together so that it forms a circle. At this point, the two small sides should be right next to each other, one is on the left side, and one is on the right side. You're going to be creating a seam that will bring them together.

Cosy Knitted Hair Band Fold

Using your needle, thread your yarn tail under and up out of the first stitch on the small side of the rectangle that is to your left. Pull it tight. Now, pull your yarn tail under and up out of the first stitch on the small side of the rectangle that is to your right. Pull it tight again.

Cosy Knitted Hair Band Seam Together

After this, thread your yarn tail under and up out of the second stitch on the small side of the rectangle that is to your left. Then, proceed to thread the yarn tail under and up out of the second stitch on the small side of the rectangle that is to your right. Pull everything tight. Continue to alternate threading the tail through the stitches on the left side and the coordinating stitches on the right side, until the sides are completely seamed together.

Once you have finished the seam, pull it extra tight (tighter than you think your should). This will have a cinching/bunching affect on the hairband. Once everything is tight, turn the headband wrong-side-out and tie the tails off in a knot. Clip the ends as needed. Don't worry too much about hiding the clipped ends as they won't be seen on the inside, and they will soon be covered up by the contrasting accent yarn.

Cosy Knitted Hair Band Cinch Seam

7. Add the Accent Yarn

Cut a piece of your accent yarn to a length of about 0.74 meters (2.5 feet). Thread this strand onto a yarn needle. Now, with your hairband still turned wrong-side-out, begin weaving the accent yarn into the back of the seam that you created in step five. You can do this by weaving it up into about five stitches, and then weaving it down into about five stitches the next row over.

Cosy Knitted Hair Band Add Accent Yarn

8. Wrap the Accent Yarn

Once your accent yarn is safely and securely weaved into the inside of your hairband, turn the hairband right-side-out and begin wrapping the accent yarn around the cinched up area. The number of times you wrap the yarn around is completely up to you. Just make sure that you are happy with the placement, and that it fully covers up the seam you created in step five.

Cosy Knitted Hair Band Wrap Accent Yarn

Once you've finished wrapping, tie off your accent yarn on the inside of your hairband. Then, clip the ends and tuck them into the wrapping on the inside of the hairband so they cannot be seen.

Cosy Knitted Hair Band Tie Off Accent Yarn

Add Your Own Personal Touch

What would you do to personalise the headband? Are you all about bows? Add a giant one! Do you prefer more understated accessories? Try knitting this project with a sport-weight yarn.

Cosy Knitted Hair Band Finished
Cosy Knitted Hair Band Completed

No matter how you add your own personality to this project, we want to hear about it, so let us know in the comment section below.

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