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How to Make Spirograph Easter Egg Decorations

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Do you remember Spirograph, the retro drawing game where you create swirling patterns and intricate designs? It's back! Get hold of a set and use it to decorate Easter eggs for a bang-on-trend style statement.


  • 1 piece of card stock
  • Pens (I used fluoro gel ink pens)
  • Spirograph drawing set
  • Scissors
  • Floral stem wire
  • Egg template

1. Draw a Basic Spiral

Step 1

The toothed rings and gears can be used in combination in a variety of ways. Find the holes inside the gears to place your pen tip.

Place the ring and disc on the card stock.


Step 2

Hold the ring and keep it secure. Now steadily push the disc around the ring with your pen. It will follow the line governed by the interlocking teeth.

The result is a curved spiral pattern on the paper.

Step 3

Move the wheel a few inches and repeat rolling the gear around the inner ring, and draw more delicious curved patterns. You might want to try using a different colour pen, like I have.

Continue moving the wheel and making different patterns with different colours. You might like to overlap some of the designs.


2. Make the Card Eggs

Step 1

Download and print the egg template.


Trace the egg shape with your pencil on top of your spirograph drawings. It doesn't have to be centred on a design, in fact, it looks better if you draw your eggs off-centre and encompassing parts of other designs.


Step 2

Cut out the egg shape with a pair of scissors.


3. Add the Floral Stems

Pierce the wire from the front to the back of the egg, and through the back to the front at the top of the egg, as demonstrated in the image below.


Decorate Your Home With Spiro Eggs

Now you've practiced making one set of designs, experiment with different coloured card stock, metallic paper and inks for your Easter spirograph eggs.


Make a bunch of pretty spirograph wired eggs and place them in a vase.

Alternatively, you could draw spirograph art on both side of the card and hang them on a bunch of branches. Or you could glue your eggs on to folded cards for gorgeous Easter greetings.


Have you played with Spirograph before? Does it bring back memories? We would love to hear from you. Please let us know in the comment field below.

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