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How To Make Paper Wheel Decorations For Halloween

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After a quick and easy Halloween decoration that makes a big impact? These awesome paper wheels are a treat and not too tricky to make at all. Use the Halloween-themed patterns and templates for extra festive punch! Just follow the step-by-step instructions to make a bunch of them in different sizes and with a variety of black and orange patterns. Then arrange them on the wall for a gorgeous decoration.


halloween-paper wheelmaterialshalloween-paper wheelmaterialshalloween-paper wheelmaterials

1. Cut and Fold the Paper

Step 1

First, make a paper wheel using A4 heavyweight construction paper. Lay the paper on the working surface in a landscape position. Now, mark 1cm (0.4 in) increments along the longer side of the paper. Create two lines of marks - one along the top of the paper and one along the bottom.

halloween-paper wheel1halloween-paper wheel1halloween-paper wheel1

Now use an awl or thick needle to gently join the first two marks. Take care not to overdo it as you don't want to cut the paper - just mark a guide for folding. If you are using thin wrapping paper, this in not the best method as it will probably ruin the paper. Make some guides using a pencil instead.

halloween-paper wheel2halloween-paper wheel2halloween-paper wheel2

Continue with the next two marks until the whole paper is marked. These guide marks will help you fold accurately and easily later on.

halloween-paper wheel3halloween-paper wheel3halloween-paper wheel3

Once all the folding guides are in place, make some more marks in the other direction. Divide the shorter side of the paper in to three equal parts. Draw two horizontal lines joining the marks and divide the paper in to three horizontal zones that are each 7cm wide.

halloween-paper wheel4halloween-paper wheel4halloween-paper wheel4

Step 2

Place the paper on the cutting mat. Following the lines and using the cutter, cut the A4 paper in to three strips each of 7cm by 29.7cm (2.8in x 11.7in).

halloween-paper wheel5halloween-paper wheel5halloween-paper wheel5

Step 3

Following the guides, start folding or pleating the paper accordion-style.

halloween-paper wheel6halloween-paper wheel6halloween-paper wheel6

Each time you fold, crease well. Use a bone folder or the back of a metal spoon for perfectly sharp folds.

halloween-paper wheel7halloween-paper wheel7halloween-paper wheel7

Step 4

When you finish folding, the paper will look like this.

halloween-paper wheel8halloween-paper wheel8halloween-paper wheel8

Repeat the folding process for all three strips.

halloween-paper wheel9halloween-paper wheel9halloween-paper wheel9

Step 5

Place the three strips one next to the other with the clean side of the paper facing upwards. In order to make one continuous strip, the strips need to have one fold overlapping. For this reason, you need to trim the last end of the strips.

halloween-paper wheel10halloween-paper wheel10halloween-paper wheel10

2. Glue the Paper

Step 1

Heat the hot glue gun. Apply some glue on the left end of the second strip.

halloween-paper wheel11halloween-paper wheel11halloween-paper wheel11

Place the first strip over the second, accurately but quickly. They should overlap perfectly. When in place, press gently with your fingers. If you're using a thin paper, be careful not to burn yourself with the hot glue.

halloween-paper wheel12halloween-paper wheel12halloween-paper wheel12

The joint should look like this, with the glued strips forming a continuous zig-zag. Glue the second strip onto the third one, in the same way.

halloween-paper wheel13halloween-paper wheel13halloween-paper wheel13

Step 2

Now that all three strips are glued together forming a continuous strip, hold the accordion strip up, so that it forms a tube.

halloween-paper wheel14halloween-paper wheel14halloween-paper wheel14

Step 3

Glue the last two ends to close the circle. It's almost ready now.

halloween-paper wheel15halloween-paper wheel15halloween-paper wheel15

3. Make the Wheel

Step 1

Place some baking paper on the working surface and place the accordion tube over it.

halloween-paper wheel16halloween-paper wheel16halloween-paper wheel16

Using both hands, bring the upper edge of the tube down towards the center.

halloween-paper wheel17halloween-paper wheel17halloween-paper wheel17

And gently press down flat.

halloween-paper wheel18halloween-paper wheel18halloween-paper wheel18

Step 2

Now, push it towards the center.

halloween-paper wheel19halloween-paper wheel19halloween-paper wheel19

Apply a lot of hot glue in the center of the wheel.

halloween-paper wheel20halloween-paper wheel20halloween-paper wheel20

Keep pressing inwards till the wheel is set.

halloween-paper wheel21halloween-paper wheel21halloween-paper wheel21

Once set, gently remove the baking paper.

halloween-paper wheel22halloween-paper wheel22halloween-paper wheel22

4. Add a Circle to the Center of the Wheel

Step 1

Print out the downloadable template in color. It is designed for A4 paper and the various designs will fit different wheel sizes.

halloween-paper wheel-templateminhalloween-paper wheel-templateminhalloween-paper wheel-templatemin
halloween-paper wheel23halloween-paper wheel23halloween-paper wheel23

Step 2

Select the design that contrasts with your wheel color and carefully cut it out.

halloween-paper wheel24halloween-paper wheel24halloween-paper wheel24

Step 3

Apply some hot glue to the back of the circle. If you've left the hot glue gun on, be carefully not to burn your fingers.

halloween-paper wheel25halloween-paper wheel25halloween-paper wheel25

Place the circle quickly on the center of the wheel. Not only will it give your paper wheel a Halloween theme, but it will also cover the central hole and give the wheel more stability.

halloween-paper wheel26halloween-paper wheel26halloween-paper wheel26

5. Add the Twine

Step 1

Place an eraser on to your working surface and place the wheel on top of it. Press an awl or thick needle through the top of the wheel to create a small hole.

halloween-paper wheel27halloween-paper wheel27halloween-paper wheel27

Step 2

Cut a piece of thread to the desired length, depending on where you want to hang your wheel.

halloween-paper wheel28halloween-paper wheel28halloween-paper wheel28

Thread the wheel.

halloween-paper wheel29halloween-paper wheel29halloween-paper wheel29

Make a knot.

halloween-paper wheel30halloween-paper wheel30halloween-paper wheel30

Well done - your first Halloween wheel is complete.

halloween-paper wheel31halloween-paper wheel31halloween-paper wheel31

6. Make Different Sized Wheels

Step 1

Now that you know how to make an accordian-pleated paper wheel, you can apply the same skills to create wheels of various sizes. For example, you can make this small white-orange wheel out of A4 paper. Just divide the paper in to four strips of 29.7cm (11.7in) long by 5.25 cm (2.1in) wide and fold them accordion style, about 0.5cm (0.2in) wide. Or make a larger one, like the black and white wheel, with six pieces of paper 16cm (6.3in) long and 9cm (3.5in) wide and fold them 1.5 cm (0.6 in) wide.

halloween-paper wheel32halloween-paper wheel32halloween-paper wheel32

The total diameter of your wheel depends on the width of your strips of paper. The density of the pleats depends on the length of the strips and the size of the folds. Just make sure you don't use one long continuous strip of paper for making your wheels as it's difficult to retain the required proportions and the process of folding the accordian pleats is a lot more difficult.

So go on, play around and make your own wheels of various sizes.

halloween-paper wheel33halloween-paper wheel33halloween-paper wheel33

Step 2

For an extra large paper wheel, you will need a roll of wrapping paper. Fold the roll in half in both directions and divide it in to the four pieces created. My roll was 2m long and 70 cm wide, therefore my four pieces were 1m long and 35cm wide each. You will only use three of them.

Roll each piece in the opposite direction it was original rolled, to make the paper straight. Then mark every 2cm using a pencil. You don't need to use the awl to prepare the pleats as wrapping paper is really thin and easy to fold. Now fold the three strips of paper accordion-style. Glue the pieces together and form the giant wheel as described in the steps above.

halloween-paper wheel34halloween-paper wheel34halloween-paper wheel34

Get Ready to Wow Everyone!

Hang the wheels you created in a gorgeous Halloween arrangement. Position them at various heights and overlap contrasting colors.

In this tutorial you learned how to create accordian-pleated paper wheels of various sizes and paper qualities. You can apply the same skills to create decorations for parties, weddings and Christmas. Just change the colours and the design of the central circle. You could also make paper wheels to decorate cards and gifts.

halloween-paper wheel-final without facehalloween-paper wheel-final without facehalloween-paper wheel-final without face
halloween-paper wheelfinalhalloween-paper wheelfinalhalloween-paper wheelfinal
halloween-paper wheelfinal2halloween-paper wheelfinal2halloween-paper wheelfinal2

I'm sure you can think of a load of projects to make with paper wheels. Any ideas? We'll be glad to answer your queries and hear your comments. Happy Halloween!

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