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How to Make Hoop Earrings in Different Shapes

Final product image
What You'll Be Creating

Making your own hooped earrings is so much easier than most people think. Once you've mastered a simple wire loop, you will be able to make a variety of shapes, ranging from on-trend geometric forms to romantic hearts.


hoop earring supplies
  • 1mm wire
  • Flat nose pliers
  • Round nose pliers
  • Nail file or cup burr
  • Ring mandrel (or cylindrical object in your desired hoop size)
  • Chasing hammer

1. Circle Hoop Earring

Step 1

After deciding your hoop size, wrap your wire around a ring mandrel (or cylindrical object the correct size) a couple of times at the appropriate point.

hoop earring ring mandrels

Step 2

Cut the wire so it has an overlap of around 2cm.
hoop earring wire loops

Step 3

Use your round nose pliers to turn a loop in one end of the wire. Hold the end of the wire in between the two plier points (around the middle) and turn a loop 90 degrees to the side of the wire.
hoop earring end of wire
hoop earring turn loop

Step 4

Using your flat nose pliers, hold the other end of the wire at the same point as the loop and bend the wire 45 degrees upwards.
hoop earring flat nose pliers
hoop earring bend end slightly

Step 5

Slot the straight end into the loop and trim the end to roughly around 5mm.
hoop earring circle hoop
hoop earring circle hoop close up

2. Heptagon Hooped Earring

Step 1

Draw out the shape you would like to create. I've gone for a seven sided, teardrop heptagon shape.
hoop earring hexagon template

Step 2

Warm up a long piece of wire by running your fingers down the length four to five times. This will make it more malleable. Trace the shape with a long piece of wire, overlapping the first and last side.
hoop earring hexagon wire template

Step 3

Trim the long end at the point it meets the first bend in the shape.
hoop earring hexagon trim end

Step 4

Turn a loop in this end the same way we did for the circle hooped earring.
hoop earring hexagon loop end

Step 5

Thread the longer end into the loop.
hoop earring hexagons finished

3. Heart Shaped Earrings

Step 1

Cut a section of wire around 4 to 5 inches. There's no need to straighten it as the natural curve will help to create a heart shape.

hoop earring heart materials

Step 2

Using your flat nose pliers, bend one end around 80 degrees upwards.
hoop earring heart plier bend

Step 3

Now turn your pliers around and use the curve of the handle to bend the wire around to give an even arc to the left half of the heart.
hoop earring heart handle loop1
hoop earring heart handle loop2
hoop earring heart half

Step 4

Turn the pliers back around and create a sharp point for the bottom of the heart.

hoop earring heart second half

Step 5

Complete the heart by wrapping the other end around your pliers' handle, just as you did with the first curve.

hoop earring heart finish shape
hoop earring heart shape

Step 6

Cut the longer end so that it is around 1cm from the middle of the heart and turn a loop, like you did for the circle hooped earring.

Step 7

Slip the other end into the loop and trim to around 5mm.

hoop earring hearts

4. Add the Finishing Touches

Now that you have made the earring shapes, it's time to finish them to a professional standard.

Step 1

Hammer the wires gently. A few taps will strengthen them a little, but you might want to flatten the wire slightly to give a stronger, more lasting finish. Take care not to hammer the part that goes through your ear or the loop (or your fingers!)

hoop earring hexagon hammer

Step 2

File the ends of the wire to create a rounded smooth edge. Cup burrs are perfect for this job, but you can also use a nail file to get rid of any sharp edges.

hoop earring file ends

Customise and Wear

One of the best things about making your own hooped earrings is that you can customise. Create different shapes and words or add beads and tassels. All you need is wire and a little imagination and you can whip up individual pieces that reflect your style and personality in no time!

heptagon earring
heptagon earrings

Do you enjoy making your own jewellery? Let us know if you have any queries or thoughts in the comments space below.

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