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How to Make Easy Stacked Wire Diamond Rings

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Delicate wire rings are so fun and easy to wear. You can stack them, wear them on multiple fingers or pair them with other rings. Another bonus - they are easy to DIY! So if you've always wanted a diamond ring but don't have the cash, here's a clever way to wear some bling without spending major bucks.


  • 20 or 22 gauge wire
  • Round nose jewelry pliers
  • Wire cutters

1. Cut the Wire

Cut a short piece of wire, one to two inches long.

Cut wireCut wireCut wire

2. Form the Center V Shape

With the round nose pliers, bend the center of the wire into a V shape. Keep the bottom tip of the V fairly pointed. Squeeze the wire together with your fingers if need to form the shape.

Form V ShapeForm V ShapeForm V Shape

3. Bend the Sides

Using your finger and the pliers, bend the wire at a right angle at the top of the V shape. You can make the V as deep as you like!

bend sidesbend sidesbend sides

4. Curl the Ends

On each side of the wire, curl the ends under and into a loop.

curl endscurl endscurl ends

5. Repeat Steps 1 Through to 4

Make another ring to complete your diamond shape.

Repeat stepsRepeat stepsRepeat steps

Wear Your Rings Two Ways

The rings look great facing both directions! Wear it like a diamond.

diamond wire ringdiamond wire ringdiamond wire ring

Or try it stacked.

wire ring stackedwire ring stackedwire ring stacked

Have you made any delicate wire rings? Let us know in the comments - we'd love to hear from you!

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