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How to Make Dyed Concrete Gemstone Pendants


Concrete is an easy to use, accessible material that can be set in moulds to create all sorts of fantastic shapes and details. It's also easy to dye with household materials. These bang-on-trend faceted pastel-hued pendants are made using white concrete and food colouring.


Pastel Gemstones materials
Pastel Gemstones dyes
  • Half a cup of white concrete
  • 4 to 5 drops of food colouring
  • Fondant gemstone moulds
  • Bails or cord ends
  • Necklace chain
  • Jump rings

1. Mix the Concrete

Step 1

Mix up your concrete with a little water. Only add splashes of water, a little at a time until you have a creamy consistency.

Pastel Gemstones 1

Step 2

Mix in drops of the food colouring. The concrete won't necessarily turn the colour you use, so experiment with the dyes.

Pastel Gemstones 3

To make this pastel orange I've used red food colouring. Mix until a consistent colour.

Pastel Gemstones 4

2. Make the Moulds

Step 1

Prepare your mould by rubbing a light layer of vaseline over the surface.

Pastel Gemstones 2

Step 2

Fill the gemstone mould with concrete, one section at a time.

Pastel Gemstones 5

Step 3

Leave to dry for 12 to 24 hours.

Pastel Gemstones 6

3. Make the Pendants

Step 1

Once the pendants are fully dry, carefully remove them from the mould. If they seem a little chalky, cover with a layer of resin or clear nail varnish.

Pastel Gemstones 7

Step 2

Unfold your cord end or just get your pendant bail ready.

Pastel Gemstones 8

Step 3

Glue the bail or cord end to the back of the pendant.

Pastel Gemstones 9

Step 4

Attach to the chain with a jump ring.

Pastel Gemstones 11copy

Wear Your New Gems

In this tutorial we've covered mixing and dying concrete, setting in moulds and creating pendants using jewellery findings.

Experiment with colours, dyes and moulds to create different concrete hues and shapes to make a really unique necklace pendants.

Do you love making jewellery? Let us know if you have any comments or questions about this tutorial.

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