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How to Make Dip-Dyed Crochet Bottle Cozies


It's amazing how a little pop of colour can change the look of something entirely! Today you'll learn how to crochet your own neon dip-dye look bottle cozies. If you’ve always wanted to learn how to crochet, follow our series of Crochet Fundamentals. This pattern uses US terms and stitches include single crochet (sc), double crochet (dc) and the magic ring.



1. Crochet the Cozy

Step 1

Start with your neon pink yarn. Begin with a magic ring, and secure with a stitch.


Step 2

Work 6 single crochet stitches into the ring, and pull the ring closed.


Step 3

It's time to work in spirals now. Insert your hook into the first single crochet stitch you made, then work 2 single crochet stitches into each stitch around. This is called an increase; the abbreviation for that is inc. You'll end up with 12 stitches. Place your stitch marker on the last stitch; this will help you keep track of the beginning of each round.


Step 4

Work *1sc, inc* around. Move the stitch marker. You now have 18 stitches.


Step 5

Work *2sc, inc* around. Move the stitch marker. You now have 24 stitches.


Step 6

Keep working increases until your base is as big as the bottom of your bottle. Use this increase scheme to make sure you're crocheting a flat circle:

1. 6sc
2. *inc* around (12 stitches)
3. *1sc, inc* around (18 stitches)
4. *2sc, inc* around (24 stitches)
5. *3sc, inc* around (30 stitches)
6. *4sc, inc* around (36 stitches)
7. *5sc, inc* around (42 stitches)
8. Etc.


Step 7

Work one round of single crochet stitches through the back loops only. This creates a little ridge and helps the edge stand out from the base.


Step 8

Work one round of single crochet stitches, through both loops again this time. You can see the edge starting to take shape.


Step 9

Keep going around with your pink neon yarn until you feel the pink part is big enough (remember, we're going for that dip-dyed look, so less is more!). Change to your grey yarn.


Step 10

Keep going around with your grey yarn until you've almost reached the top of your bottle. Leave some space for the border.


Step 11

Skip two stitches, then work 5 double crochet stitches into the third single crochet stitch. Skip two stitches, then *sc, sk 2 st, [5dc], sk 2 st* around. Join into the beginning of the round, and finish off.


Step 12

Sew in all the ends.


Enjoy Your Cozy

I love the possibilities of this quick and fun project! You can use any neon colour to give your crochet work a little pop, and by changing the amount of neon yarn you use, you will create that much sought-after dip-dyed look!


Do you love this crochet project? Are you going to make this cozy, perhaps in your own colour scheme? Or maybe you'd like to make crochet cozies for mason jars? We’d love to see your work! Let us know if you have any questions or other comments in the space below.

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