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How to Make Beautiful Origami Cards From Tissue Boxes

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Read Time: 3 mins

This fold-out origami card is perfect when a number of people want to add their best wishes, and the best part is you can make it with an empty tissue box and a sheet of office paper. It couldn't be easier! This tutorial can also be used to make perfect little notebooks to carry in your pocket or purse.


  • An empty tissue box with a nice design
  • Standard A4 white office paper
  • Craft knife
  • Metal ruler
  • Double-sided tape or glue

1. Fold the Inside of the Card

Step 1

Take a sheet of A4 white office paper and fold it in half. The fold is at the bottom, and the open edge at the top.


Step 2

Fold the paper in half again by folding the bottom edge up.


Step 3

Fold the paper in half again by folding the left edge over to the right.


2. Make the Pages

Step 1

Open out the previous two folds, so the paper is still folded in half once.

Starting at the folded edge, cut along the central fold line until you reach the centre of the paper where the folds intersect.


Step 2

Open the paper out flat and rotate it 90 degrees.


Step 3

Fold the paper in half by folding the top edge down. The fold will now be at the top.


Step 4

Stand the paper up and holding both ends, bring your hands towards each other. The centre of the paper will fold outwards.


Keep pushing inwards.


Step 5

When the paper forms a 'plus' (+) shape, fold over two adjacent sides to form a book.


3. Make the Cover

Step 1

Carefully pull apart the tissue box and flatten it out. Remove the plastic from the window.


Step 2

Turn the tissue box over. Measure the size of the folded 'book' and add a few millimetres or about an eighth of an inch to each measurement.

Use a fold on the box as the centre fold of the cover. Rule guide lines for the front and back covers on either side of the fold. Cut the cover out as one piece.


4. Attach the Inside Pages to the Cover

Step 1

Open the inside pages flat and glue or place double-sided tape around the outer edges.


Step 2

Place the cover in front of you with the right side facing down. Fold the inside pages in half again and make sure the open (unfolded) edges are at the bottom. Align the folded spine along the centre fold of the cover. Press the pages onto the back cover so they adhere to it.


Step 3

Carefully fold the front cover over on top of the pages and press down.


5. Write in the Card

Step 1

Open the card and write in the first pages.


Step 2

Open the pages of the card right out and you will have the entire office-sized A4 piece of paper to write on - perfect for the rest of the team, mothers' group, or friends!


6. Decorate It

Wrap some coordinating ribbon or twine around the card and close it with a decorative sticker. Find a nice envelope or make one from wrapping paper.


7. Make Some Mini Notebooks

Make a small collection of mini notebooks and close them with removable stickers or washi tape. A small bundle tied up would make a sweet little impromptu gift for a friend.


Give to Your Friends and Family

In this tutorial you've learned a fun way to make use of empty tissue boxes instead of throwing them away. It's a clever project that results in two different products - a fold-out greeting card or a mini notebook.


Perhaps you can think of some other uses for this origami tutorial? Take a look around and you will probably find more household cardboard and papers you could use in this project.

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