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How to Make a USB Cover From Wood


In this tutorial, you’ll learn how to make a wooden USB memory stick cover using a scroll saw or bandsaw and a few other basic tools.  This project is a great way to upcycle or give your boring memory stick a makeover. This is a simple yet very useful project for a beginner woodworker. If you're new to woodworking, make sure you read our woodworking fundamentals tutorial.


USB Tutorial 1 (2)


  • When working with power tools such as saws, it is very important to wear safety glasses at all times.
  • Make sure you are fully concentrating on the task at hand as saws and other power tools can do a lot of damage very quickly!


  • For this tutorial, we assume you will be using either a scroll saw or bandsaw. However, all photos included in this tutorial feature a scroll saw.

1. Plot the Project

The wooden cover you are constructing will be made of three separate pieces of wood assembled in a sandwich fashion. The middle piece of wood, the 'meat', should be as thick as the plastic cover of the USB memory stick you are using. The other two pieces should be thinner and will be the 'bread' of your memory stick sandwich.

Using a pencil, draw around the outside of the USB stick on the wood you will be cutting.

USB Tutorial 2 (600x460)

2. Cut the Design

Now cut just to the inside of the outline you traced. The memory stick handle should fit in the area you just cut out. It doesn't have to fit super-snugly since you will be applying glue to hold your 'sandwich' together. If your memory stick is a bit too thick, you can carefully sand down a bit of the plastic cover. Be careful not to sand through the cover though.

USB Tutorial 3 (600x450)

3. Cut the Outside Pieces

Now it's time to cut the outside pieces, the 'bread', to size. Cut these two pieces so that they are longer and wider than the cut-out that you made earlier. The actual size is not terribly important since the excess will be trimmed away.

USB Tutorial 4 (600x459)

4. Sand the Edges

The end edges that will be around the memory stick will be difficult to sand after you assemble them. So now is the best time to sand and smooth the edges around the opening you cut and the end edges of the outside pieces.

USB Tutorial 5 (600x450)

5. Assemble the Pieces

Step 1

Apply wood glue to one side of the outside pieces of wood.

USB Tutorial 6 (600x415)

Step 2

Place the middle piece with the cut-out on top of the fresh glue. Center the cut-out over the smaller outer piece.

USB tutorial 7 (600x450)

Step 3

Now place the memory stick in the cut-out area, in the glue. Then add a bit of glue to the top of the memory stick handle.

USB Tutorial 8 (600x450)

Step 4

Repeat assembly step 1 and 2 with the top piece of your 'sandwich'. Once you have completed that you should have fully assembled 'sandwich'.

USB Tutorial 9 (2)

Step 5

Clamp your project together and allow it to dry for at least a few hours.

USB Tutorial 10 (600x442)

6. Cut the Final Shape

Step 1

Once the glue has set, it's time to remove the clamps and mark the memory stick cover into its final shape. The only thing to keep in mind when deciding on a shape is that it must be longer and wider than the cut-out you made for the middle piece. Once you've decided on the final shape, mark it on top of the piece of wood.

USB Tutorial 11

Step 2

You are almost finished. Cut around the final shape you traced out with your scroll saw.

USB Tutorial 12

7. Finish Up

Soften the edges and refine your new wooden memory stick housing. You can sand by hand using varying grits or sandpaper or even use a spindle sander or palm sander to help you shape and smooth a bit faster.

USB Tutorial 13 (2)

Plug It In

In this tutorial, you learned how to draw a design on wood, cut it out using a scroll saw, and use clamps and wood glue to assemble your new wooden USB memory stick cover.

This is a great project to hone your woodworking skills, and it would also make a fantastic handmade present!

USB Tutorial Final (600x450)

Are you enjoying our woodworking tutorials? Let us know what other projects you'd like to see in the comments below.

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