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How to Make a Spooky Spider Web Decoration from Newspaper


Halloween is less than a week away, so here's a quick and simple last-minute decoration to add some spook to your festivities. You'll learn some beginner-level paper folding and cutting techniques, making this craft project perfect for making with kids. These upcycled newsprint spider web decorations not only look great, but they're also super easy to remove.


  • Single sheets of broadsheet newspaper
  • Scissors
  • Sharpie pen

1. Fold the Sheet of Paper

Step 1

Fold your newspaper sheet in quarters, then fold the top right corner down to meet the left edge.


Step 2

Fold the right-hand edge down again, to meet the left-hand edge.


2. Draw on the Design

Draw the pattern onto the folded sheet of newspaper, ensuring the centre rib of the pattern meets the point of the folds, as demonstrated in the image below.


3. Cut Out the Pattern

Carefully cut out the sections between the pattern's 'ribs', starting at the tip, as shown. Make sure you hold the folded sheet together as you snip.


4. Unfold the Paper

Carefully unfold your web, and trim the corners to shape, if you prefer a circular web.


Decorate Your Haunted House

Now you've learnt how to make one spider web, make a pile of them for some awesome spooky decor. The webs look great in window corners, on doors and walls. You could also glue the webs on to plain black bags for Halloween goodie bags, or glue them on to plain black card for a simple but effective Halloween card.

This is a quick and easy last-minute Halloween craft that is also fun to make with kids.


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