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How to Make A Decadent Floral Crown

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It's festival season in the northern hemisphere right now, and a beautiful ringlet of flowers is this season's hottest accessory. Make it feel like summer all year round with this beautiful faux flower crown. With petals that will never wilt, this show-stopping head piece is perfect to wear to a wedding, sunny picnic, summer festival, or a fancy dress party. And next time you need to give a gift, why not whip one up for a friend? They'll love unwrapping this stunning creation.


What you'll need to make a Decadent Floral CrownWhat you'll need to make a Decadent Floral CrownWhat you'll need to make a Decadent Floral Crown
  • An assortment of faux flowers in varying sizes, including green sprigs and leaves (we found ours in charity shops and discount stores)
  • Hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • Wide Alice headband

1. Position and Glue Your First Flower

Glue a large flower onto the headband. Start from the middle and work your way out. Use large flowers in the centre and smaller ones towards the ends of the headband. When affixing the large flowers, glue in a zigzag across the width of the band.

Floral Crown Step 1Floral Crown Step 1Floral Crown Step 1

2. Cover Headband Edges

Use the petals of the larger flowers to conceal the edges of the headband - it looks prettier this way! Affix small dabs of glue along the edges and fold petals over to stick.

Floral Crown Step 2Floral Crown Step 2Floral Crown Step 2

3. Affix More Large Flowers

Glue more large flowers along the centre section of the headband. Stick them snugly next to each other to create a fuller affect.

Floral Crown Step 3Floral Crown Step 3Floral Crown Step 3

4. Affix Smaller Flowers

Once the middle section of the headband is full, stick smaller flowers along the bottom sections of the band.

Floral Crown Step 4Floral Crown Step 4Floral Crown Step 4

5. Fill Out the Back Side

Turn the headband over. To hide the backs of all the flowers, glue a series of smaller flowers along the back of the band. This will allow you to wear your headband two ways, if you like!

Floral Crown Step 7Floral Crown Step 7Floral Crown Step 7

6. Apply the Finishing Touches

When both sides of the headband are covered in beautiful flowers, choose some leaves and sprigs and glue them in between the petals for a little greenery.

Floral Crown Step 6Floral Crown Step 6Floral Crown Step 6

Show Off Your Beautiful Crown

And there you have it, a unique and beautiful hair accessory that will be the ultimate finishing touch to any outfit.

In this tutorial, you learned how to transform a simple and inexpensive headband in to a gorgeous on-trend faux floral headpiece. Just about anything is possible with a hot-glue gun and a little imagination!

The trick to this technique is in the selection and positioning of the flowers, and making it look as full as possible for an amazing Frieda Kahlo-inspired piece.

Finished CrownFinished CrownFinished Crown
Finished CrownFinished CrownFinished Crown

Do you like making your own accessories? What kind of projects are you making this season?

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