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How to Make a Crochet Flower

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When you've just learned how to crochet, chances are that you are looking to learn how to make a simple flower. Today you'll learn how to do just that! 

Crochet flowers are very versatile, and every crocheter should know how to make them. If you’ve always wanted to learn how to crochet, follow our series of Crochet Fundamentals

This tutorial uses US crochet terminology, with the Australian and UK term in brackets. Stitches include chain (ch)[ch], magic ring (mr)[mr], slip stitch (sl st)[sl st], single crochet (sc)[dc] and double crochet (dc)[tr].


Crochet supplies
  • Yarn (scrap yarn works really well here)
  • Crochet hook
  • Darning needle
  • Pair of scissors

Crochet a Flower

Step 1

Make a magic ring, and secure it with a stitch.

Make a magic ring

Step 2

Chain 2, then work 11 double crochet[tr] into the ring.

Chain 2

Step 3

Cut the yarn, and pull through the loop on your hook. Thread the yarn through your needle.

Thread the yarn through your needle

Step 4

We're going to close the circle now using our darning needle. Insert the needle front to back through both loops of the first double crochet stitch you made, skipping the chain 2.

close the circle using the darning needle

Step 5

Insert your needle through the back loop of the last double crochet stitch you made.

Insert your needle through the back loop

Step 6

While you have your darning needle out, sew in both ends of your circle.

sew in both ends of your circle

Step 7

With a new colour, start with a slip knot on your hook, and make 1 single crochet[dc] stitch.

New colour of yarn

Step 8

Make 5dc[tr] stitches into the next stitch, then 1sc[dc] in the one after that. Repeat around. Finish the round by making a slip stitch into the first sc[dc] you made.

Finished flower with yarn still attached

Step 9

Cut the yarn, and pull through the loop on your hook. Use your crochet hook to bring the yarn end to the back of the flower. Using your darning needle, sew in both ends of the last round.

Finished pink crocheted flower

Make More Flowers!

Now that you know how to make a simple crochet flower, there is only one thing you can do next: make more flowers! These little cuties are perfect to brighten up an outfit, decorate a journal, or stick to a gift for your best friend. They are very versatile and a great excuse to experiment working with multiple colours!

Finished crochet flowers top view
Finished crochet flowers stacked

Are you going to make these quick and easy crochet flowers? We'd love to see! Let us know if you have any comments or questions in the space below.

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