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How to Make 3 Different Valentine's Day Cards with Geo Hearts


In this tutorial, you will learn how to make three different Valentine's Day cards and tags. Using a few geometric cut-out hearts, you can create a card and matching gift tag. You can also my free printable geo-pattern to create a cool pop-up heart card. Make the card of your choice, write your sweet message and surprise your loved one.


supplies-valentines cards
  • Playing card with red pattern
  • Red colored card
  • Cutter or craft knife (X-acto or Stanley knife)
  • Red pearl cotton thread
  • Sticky tape
  • Marker
  • Scissors
  • 2 hole punch
  • Ruler
  • Template 1
  • Template 2
  • Printer paper (160gsm)
  • Printer

1. Make the Valentine's Gift Tag with Cut-Out Hearts

Step 1

First, download the printable pattern and follow the instructions on how to cut out a geo heart in this tutorial.

1-cut heart-valentines cards

Step 2

Once your heart is ready, place it over a playing card. Just make sure that the patterned face of the playing card is facing upwards and that the card is placed vertically. Place the heart in the center and align it with the card. Then stick it in place using glue stick.

2-glue heart-valentines cards

Step 3

When the glue is dry, cut out the inner geometric shapes. With the help of a cutter and a ruler, your cuts will be straight and precise.

3-cut-valentines cards

Now all the inner pieces are removed and should look like this.

4-cut-valentines cards

Step 4

Use a hole punch to make a small hole in the center of the upper side of your gift tag.

5-perforate-valentines cards

Step 5

Cut a short piece of red pearl cotton thread.

6-thread-valentines cards

Fold the thread in half and pass both ends through the hole of the tag going upwards.

6b-thread-valentines cards

Pass both ends of the thread down and through the loop of the remaining thread.

7-thread-valentines cards

Pull through until the thread is securely tied on the gift tag.

8-pull thread-valentines cards

Write your valentine's name on the back side and tie the gift tag on your gift.

8b-tag-valentines cards

2. Create a Valentine's Card with Cut-Out Hearts

Step 1

Take a red colored A4 sized card, which measures 210mm x 297mm (8.3in x 11.7in). Place it on your working surface with the long side oriented horizontally (landscape).

9-place paper-valentines cards

Fold the paper in two by bringing the left edge towards the right.

10-fold paper-valentines cards

Once the two edges are completely aligned, crease well. Use a bone folder or the back of a metal spoon for perfectly sharp folds.

11-fold paper-valentines cards

Step 2

Follow the instructions in this tutorial on how to make cut-out geo hearts from a playing cards, and create six cut-out hearts.

12-make hearts-valentines cards

Step 3

Use the hearts you created to adorn the cover of your card.

13-place hearts-valentines cards

The hearts complement each other and can be combined in various patterns.

14-design2-valentines cards

So turn them around, rotate them and play with the patterns.

15-design3-valentines cards

Come up with a design of your own, or create one of mine.

16-design4-valentines cards

When you have settled on a final design, ensure that it's well-aligned with your card.

17-design5-valentines cards

Step 4

Now, glue the hearts on the card. Take the first heart, flip it over and place it on a scrap paper. Then carefully add some stick glue and stick it back in place. Continue with the other hearts until they are all firmly glued on your card.

18-glue hearts-valentines cards

Write your lovely message and your card is ready for gifting.

19-card1 ready-valentines cards

3. Create a Pop-Up Geo Heart Card

Step 1

First, download this template.

0-pattern-valentines card

Take an A4 size card (210mm x 297mm or 8.3in x 11.7in), with a weight of around 160gsm. Print the pattern on the card on both sides. Make sure that the design is aligned in the same way on both sides so that the position of the two hearts corresponds.

21-print-valentines cards

Step 2

Using a cutter and a ruler, trim off all the white borders on top of the heart and the pattern.

22-cut-valentines cards

You need to cut two straight lines on both sides of the heart. The cutting gets a bit more delicate when you reach the heart, where you need to cut around the geometric shapes exactly. Remove excess paper.

23-cut-valentines cards

Step 3

Now fold the paper in two by bringing the left edge to the right. Check that the fold is exactly in the center of the heart and crease well.

24-cut-valentines cards

Step 4

Trim off the white border on the right side of the card.

25-cut-valentines cards

Do the same for the bottom of the card and remove excess paper.

Step 5

Now flip over the card and place it horizontally on the working surface with the heart positioned on the lower right corner. Place the ruler vertically and at a right angle to the lower point of the heart shape. Align it properly with the help of the pattern design. Now fold the right side of the card.

26-fold-valentines cards

Remove the ruler, and fold the card completely. Crease well.

27-fold-valentines cards

Bring the ruler diagonally and passing by the lower right corner of the paper. Align it with the edge of the heart and fold the heart upwards.

27b-fold-valentines cards

Remove the ruler, fold the heart and crease well.

27c-fold-valentines cards

Step 6

Unfold the two last folds.

28-unfold-valentines cards

Now open up the card completely.

29-unfold-valentines cards

Step 7

Holding the card with both hands, make a horizontal fold along the card, pushing the heart at the back side of the paper.

30-fold-valentines cards

Place the paper on the working surface with the heart facing upwards and crease well.

31-fold-valentines cards

Now fold the card vertically in half, making sure the heart folds outwards.

32-fold-valentines cards

Put the card on the working surface and fold it.

33-fold-valentines cards

Once the card has been creased well, ensure that the correct shape has been maintained.

34-fold-valentines cards

Step 8

Open up the card and unfold the lower zone, the one containing the heart. Add some glue at the back side of the flaps. Be careful not to glue the back side of the heart shape. Fold the paper upwards and glue it firmly to the rest of the card.

35-glue-valentines cards

It should look like this.

36-card2-valentines cards

Pop it in an envelope and surprise!

37-card2-valentines cards

Gift your Heart!

In this tutorial, you learned how to make three easy card projects that are perfect for Valentine's Day. In the first project, you learned how to create a super-cute gift tag using a playing card and a geometric heart. In the second project, I showed you how to create a card with a collage technique using the same geo heart. In the third project, you learned how to make a pop-up card with a few simple folds.

final product-valentine's card

Cut, create and have fun! Please feel free to drop us a line with questions or ideas in the comments section below.

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