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How to Knit a Simple Beret With a Cable Brim

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Read Time: 2 mins

Cables might seem intimidating, but at their simplest, they’re really just stitches knitted out of order. Cut your teeth on cables with this fun beret pattern. This tutorial will walk you through knitting the right and left cross cables, and as there are only two cabled rounds, you’ll be able to learn a new technique and whip up this hat in no time.



1. Ribbing

Cast on 96 stitches, place a stitch marker, and join in the round.


Rounds 1-6: *K2, p2; repeat from * to end.


2. Right Cross Cables and Increases

Round 7: Knit to end.

Round 8: *Slip 3 stitches to the cable needle and hold them to the back, k3 from the left needle, k3 from the cable needle, k2 from left needle; repeat from * to end.


Round 9: Knit to end.

Round 10: *K3, m1, k3, m1, k2, m1; repeat from * to end. There are 132 stitches on your needles.

Rounds 11-12: Knit to end.


3. Left Cross Cables and Increases

Round 13: Remove marker. K1, [k5, slip 3 stitches to the cable needle and hold them to the front, k3 from the left needle, k3 from the cable needle] 12 times. Replace marker. This is now the beginning of the round.


Round 14: Knit to end.

Round 15: *K8, m1, k3; rep from * to end. There are 144 stitches on your needles.

Rounds 16-29: Knit to end.


4. Crown Decreases

Round 30: [K22, place a marker] 5 times, k22.


Round 31: *Ssk, knit to two stitches before marker, k2tog; repeat from * to end.

Round 32: Knit to end.

Repeat rounds 31-32 until 12 stitches remain.

Next Round: K2tog to end. 6 stitches remain


5. Finish Your Beret

Cut your yarn leaving a six inch tail, and use the yarn needles to weave it through the live stitches on your needles.


Pull tight and secure.


Weave in all ends.


Block damp beret over a dinner plate


Keep Cozy

Well done, you've mastered right and left crossing cables, and made an adorable new hat for winter.


Wear your hat on a windy day to keep your ears warm and hair in check.

This classic beret style looks good in almost every color, so perfect your cabling skills and make more than one!


What color beret will you make?

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