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How to Crochet a Pair of Gorgeous Wrist Warmers


When temperatures start to drop, there's nothing more satisfying than wearing cozy wrist warmers! In this tutorial you'll learn how to crochet your very own pair of wristies. If you’ve always wanted to learn how to crochet, follow our series of Crochet Fundamentals. This pattern uses US terms and stitches including single crochet (sc), chain (ch) and half double crochet (hdc).



1. Crochet the Wrist Warmers

Step 1

Make a slip knot on your hook, and chain 30. Use your 5mm hook to do this, which ensures the chain won't be too tight later.


Step 2

Join into the first chain, being careful not to twist the chain. Use your 4mm hook from now on. The chain should now fit your wrist. If it's too tight, add a few stitches; if it's too big, make your chain a few stitches smaller.


Step 3

Chain 2, and work 1hdc in each stitch around. You now have 30 stitches. Join with a slip stitch to the top chain of your beginning chain 2.


Step 4

Work one more round of hdc stitches around (30). For the next two rows, work your hdc stitches into the back loops only. This gives your piece a little ridge in each row, which makes for an interesting texture. You now have 4 rows of hdc, of which the last two are done into the back loops.


Step 5

Change colour. Work 2 rows of hdc around.


Step 6

Work 2 more rows of hdc around, but work your stitches into the back loops only.


Step 7

Change colour. Work 2 rows of hdc around.


Step 8

Work 2 more rows of hdc around, but work your stitches into the back loops only.


Step 9

Change colour. Work 1 row of hdc. For the second row, chain 2, work 11 hdc stitches, then chain 8, skip 8 stitches, then continue to hdc until the end of the row. This creates the thumb hole.


Step 10

Work 2 rows of hdc into the back loops only. Be sure to work 8 stitches into the thumb hole chain. The total count of stitches should be 30.


Step 11

Change colour. Work 2 rows of hdc around.


Step 12

Work 2 rows of hdc into the back loops only.


2. Crochet the Edging

Don't cut the yarn. After joining the round: chain 1, work 1sc into the same stitch, ch 1, then *sc, ch1* around. This creates a nice frilly edging to gives your wristies a finished look. Cut the yarn and sew in the ends.


Attach your yarn to the bottom of your wrist warmer, and crochet the same edging.


3. Crochet the Thumb Hole

With the same colour yarn as your edging, we're now going to finish our thumb hole. Attach the yarn, and crochet 1sc into each stitch. Also work 1sc around the hdc stitches on the sides of the thumb hole.


Sew in the ends. Crochet another wrist warmer to complete your pair.


Admire Your New Wristies

In this tutorial, you've learned how to make your own pair of pastel coloured wrist warmers. You might like to make them with other colours, or perhaps a solid block colour.


Do you love this project? Are you going to make some wrist warmers in your own colour scheme? We’d love to see your work! Let us know if you have any questions or other comments in the space below.

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