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How to Create a Neon Ribbon Necklace

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Neon colors have made a huge comeback this year. We love combining our beautiful brights, with rich, saturated colors. Now add a bit of gold chain, to create a glamorous twisted ribbon necklace. In this tutorial, you will choose several ribbons, and a variety of gold chain to create the perfect color scheme for your own Neon Ribbon Necklace.


Step 1: Cutting Your First Chain

Measure your first cable link chain to be 51cm.

Depending on the type of chain you have, you may need to use wire cutters to cut the chain. If there is an opening in the chain link, you will use the Ergo Bow Opening Pliers. For our chain, we need to use the Bow Opening Pliers. Slide the end of the pliers through a link. Squeeze the handle, and the nose of the pliers should open. This will open a link, which will break the chain where you want it. Do the same to all three chains that you have. They should each measure the same 51cm.

Step 2: Cutting the Ribbon

Start with the purple satin ribbon. Trim the end with your scissors, so the ends are not fraying.

Step 3: Attaching the Clamp

Fold the end of the ribbon over.

Add the 16x7.5 Gold Ribbon Clamp. Place it over the folded ribbon.

Use the round nose pliers to squeeze the clamp tightly together, which will hold the ribbon.

Step 4: Adding the Jump Ring

Take a gold jump ring. It should have an opening. Hold both ends of the jump ring with two sets of pliers. Twist both sets of pliers in opposite directions, in order to open the jump ring.

Once the jump ring is opened, slide it through the hole in your gold ribbon clamp.

Once you have the ring loosely attached, take both sets of pliers to the ends of the jump ring again. Rotate the two sets of pliers towards each other, in order to close the jump ring. The jump ring should be tight.

Step 5: Weaving the Ribbon

Take your purple ribbon, and slide the end without the clamp, all the way to the end of the first gold link. Now begin weaving the bare end of the ribbon in and out of each gold link in your chain.

Step 6: Finishing the Ribbon

Once you finish weaving your ribbon through the links, cut the end of your ribbon, but make sure you leave some space.

Now add your second ribbon clamp to the end of your ribbon. You will do this, the same way you added the first clamp. Fold the ribbon over.

Add the clamp.

Press down on the clamp with pliers to secure it.

Now add another jump ring. Your first chain is complete. We added a few more jump rings to the end, because we wanted to add length to our chain.

Step 7: Attaching the Neon Chain

Take the neon yellow chain, which should already be cut. With both sets of pliers, add a jump ring to each end of your chain.

Now take another jump ring and attach both the neon yellow chain, and our first purple ribbon chain. You are basically connecting the two chains.

Step 8: Making the Blue Chain

Use the same steps as above to create the last blue ribbon chain. Trim the ends of the ribbon. Fold the ribbon. Add the clamp.

Secure the clamp with pliers.

Trim the excess ribbon on the backside of the clamp.

Weave the blue ribbon in and out through the gold chain links.

Once you get to the end, cut the ribbon.

Add your second ribbon clamp.

Add jump rings to both ends of the ribbon clamps.

Step 9: Attaching the Blue Ribbon Chain

You will add the blue ribbon chain, in the same way that you just added the neon yellow chain. Take a jump ring. Open it with pliers.

Slide the jump ring through all three completed chains. This will connect all chains together, as one.

Now add another jump ring. We are making the chains slightly longer to support the weight of our necklace.

Step 10: Adding the Magnetic Clasp

Open the last jump ring, and slide it through one end of your magnetic clasp, on one side of the necklace.

Now do the same on the other side of the necklace. Each side of the necklace should have a half of the clasp attached. Put both sides of the clasp together, to make sure they attach. They should click together easily, as they are magnetic.

Step 11: Twist the Chains

Pull the clasp apart, so that all chains are lying next to each other flat.

Pick up both end of the necklace, and twist all chains together several times, so that it creates once large chain.

Now close the clap. Your beautifully twisted Neon Ribbon Necklace is now complete.

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