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Cross-Stitch a Beautiful Ombre Candle Cover

We're getting stuck into Christmas crafts here at Crafttuts+, and we love to make things that could also make a lovely present. This tutorial ticks both festive boxes.

Glass jam jars are the crafty person’s best friend, so I've created a cross-stitched slip cover for a look of contemporary simplicity. Depending on the size of the jar you can use it as a glowy candle holder or a container for a food gift. For these patterns I decided to go with one of the big trends this year – the ombre look.


  • Embroidery thread in three gradients of a colour.
  • Cross-stitch fabric. I used a 14 count but you could use a higher count, as long as you are aware that the image will be smaller.
  • A large jam jar.
  • Two buttons.
  • Spray paint for the lid (if necessary).
  • Cross-stitch pattern (create your own or use the one provided below).
  • Embroidery needle.
  • Scissors.

Step 1: Choose a Pattern

Decide on the pattern or picture that you would like to stitch. I've provided the pattern for the two jars I've created but you can make your own by hand, using graph paper or a cross stitch template from the web. If you want to create an ombre gradient, use different colours or symbols to note the transition. Be sure to mark the centre of the image.

Step 2: Measure It Up

Cut the fabric so that it will fit around your jar. It might be necessary to cut it slightly bigger to fit in your hoop so check before you cut. I usually cut generously as I'd rather have room to cut back than end up with something too small. Mark the centre of your fabric and fit to an embroidery hoop.

Step 3: Cross-Stitch Your Design

Start cross-stitching. Split the thread into three sets of two strands. To add a bit of Christmas sparkle, incorporate some silver or gold thread. In lettering I normally start at the top and work my way down. For the ombre effect start with the darkest shade and change to a lighter shade for each word.

Step 4: Iron Your Final Design

Once you've finished cross-stitching your design, iron it gently between a pillow case.

Step 5: Trim the Fabric

Trim the size if necessary, and fray the edges at the top and the bottom by pulling off a few strands.

Step 6: Sew on Buttons

To join the two sides of the fabric together, sew a button on either side at the same level. On one side leave the thread long at the back and wrap the thread around the buttons like a manila envelope.

Step 7: Alternately, Stitch the Sides Together

Alternatively, if the two sides of the fabric overlap, you could just sew them together. I went for a cross-stitch option. Original, I know.

Step 8: Spray the Jam Jar Lid

If the lid doesn't fit in with your overall colour scheme, you might like to spray paint it.

Step 9: Make It Merry and Bright!

Slip the cover over your jar and pop a small candle inside for a soft diffused light. If you're using it as a present, fill it with home-made biscuits, granola, dry food mix or even a selection of shop-bought chocolates or jelly beans.

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