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Create Your Own Gorgeous Hand-Wrapped Tassel Necklace


Fashion is taking a cue from traditional crafts this season, with a plethora of layered folk-inspired necklaces in myriad eye-popping shades making an appearance on Spring/Summer 2013 runways. And everyone seems to love a tassel right now, from Matthew Williamson and Isabel Marant to Saint Laurent. With minimal supplies and a bit of patience, you too can create your very own bespoke piece.


hand wrapped cord necklace supplies
  • 1 metre (39 inches) cotton cord.
  • Embroidery floss in various colours.
  • Scissors.
  • Clipboard.
  • Scrap of thick cardboard.

1. Start Winding The Floss

Step 1

Secure one end of the cord to the clip board.

Tie the floss into the cord with a single knot, about 4cm (one and half inches) from the end of the cord.

Lay the tail of the floss along the cord and hold it in place.

hand wrapped cord necklace step1

Step 2

Start winding the embroidery floss around the cord and the tail, making sure that the floss is wound firmly and there is no cord showing through between the wraps.

hand wrapped cord necklace step2

Step 3

When you've wound down a couple of centimetres (about half an inch to an inch), cut the tail off.

hand wrapped cord necklace step3
hand wrapped cord necklace step4

2. Add the Next Colour

Step 1

Add the next colour when you're about two to three centimetres (an inch) away from where it will begin.

Lay the new colour along the cord.

hand wrapped cord necklace step5

Step 2

Continue to wrap the first colour over the new colour so the end is secured underneath.

hand wrapped cord necklace step5a

Step 3

To finish the first colour, you need to create a loop by taking the floss behind the cord then bringing the end of the thread back through the loop.

hand wrapped cord necklace step6

Pull the knot tight to secure it.

hand wrapped cord necklace step6b

Step 4

Lay the tail of the first colour along the cord and hold it in place.

Making a loop with the second colour, wrap the floss around the back of the cord and pass it through the loop. Pull the knot tight.

hand wrapped cord necklace step7

3. Alternate Colours

Step 1

To alternate colours in quick succession - like I have with the grey and coral - you need to have both colours in play at the same time.

Add the coral at the same time you start winding the grey.

hand wrapped cord necklace step8

Step 2

When you've wound the grey, swap it for the coral. Instead of cutting the grey off, continue winding the coral over it, then swap them again when you're ready.

hand wrapped cord necklace step8a

Step 3

Continue to add colours - winding each one onto the cord at random intervals.

hand wrapped cord necklace step8B

4. Finishing off

Step 1

Continue winding until you are about 4cm (one and half inches) from the end of the cord. Tie the floss around the cord using the loop as demonstrated in Step 2. Run the end of the floss along the cord towards the end of the cord.

Step 2

Tie a knot in the end of the cord, and include the tail of the floss in the knot.

hand wrapped cord necklace step9

5. Add a Tassel

Step 1

Cut a scrap piece of cardboard to about 10cm (4 inches).

Wind some floss around the cardboard about thirty times.

Cut another piece of floss about 12cm (5 inches) long and run it under the wound floss at the top of the cardboard.

hand wrapped cord necklace step10

Step 2

Tie it in a tight double knot.

Cut the floss and carefully slip it off the cardboard.

hand wrapped cord necklace step10a

Step 3

Cut another piece of floss about 30cm (12 inches) long and wind it around the tassel four or five times and tie it in a double knot. Tuck the tails into the tassel.

Step 4

Using the top piece of floss, tie the tassel onto the necklace. Tie it so that the knot sits under the necklace and on top of the tassel, so it will be hidden. Tuck the tails into the centre opening of the tassel and trim them off.

hand wrapped cord necklace step11

Wear Your Necklace

And you're finished. Well done!

In this tutorial, we've shown you a very simple technique of hand-wrapping a length of cotton cord with complementary shades of embroidery floss.

All that winding can get a tad repetitive, but look at the result: your own bespoke necklace! Why not make a couple more necklaces in different colours, and wear them layered around your neck? You can also make shorter versions for bracelets, with a number of tassels attached at regular intervals.

the red thread wrapped cord necklace complete

Do you like making your own jewellery? How did you find this tutorial? Let us know in the comments section below - we'd love to hear from you.

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