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Create a Lovely Floral Easter Headband for Your Little One

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Easter is a lovely time of the year for kids, where there are eggs to be hunted, bunnies to be chased and bonnets to be worn. In this tutorial, you will learn how to make a lovely floral headband, which can be made in any colour to complement your little one's special Easter Day outfit. Let's get started.


  • Children's headband. Ours is metal and we will be covering it with a soft ribbon.
    You may use a plastic or metal headband, just make sure the surface of the plastic or the metal is flat.
  • Industrial Strength E6000 glue. Make sure you properly ventilate, as the fumes are strong.
  • Ribbon. We used satin ribbon, but you may also use grosgrain ribbon or any other texture. Just make sure the ribbon lays flat. Any width is ok.
  • Scissors.
  • Large flower pin.
  • Wire cutters.
  • Rhinestones. Make sure they have a flat back and will fit on the width of your headband

Step 1: Add Glue to the Headband

Squeeze a small amount of glue on a straight pin, and add this to the bottom of the headband.

Step 2: Wrap the Ribbon

Take the end of the satin ribbon and place it on the headband, where you have added your glue. Now, tightly wrap the ribbon around the headband, slightly overlapping it as you go. You will need to continuously add glue along the way. Make sure the ribbon lays flat without wrinkles, so pull the ribbon tight. Wrap the ribbon all the way around the headband.

Step 3: Cut the Ribbon

Once you get to the end of the headband, take your scissors and cut the ribbon with a few centimetres left over, depending on the width of your headband.

Step 4: Finish the Ribbon

Now add a small bit of glue to the end of the ribbon, and wrap it around the back of the headband. You don't want to see the end of the ribbon, which is why we are wrapping around the back.

Step 5: Cut the Pin from Your Flower

Take the wire cutters and snip the metal pin, to remove it from the flower. Make sure to hold your hand a few inches above the pin when you snip the metal, as you do not want the pin to go flying. Alternatively, you may have a silk flower which doesn't have a metal clip, in which case it's ready to use.

Step 6: Add the Glue for the Flower

Take your straight pin, and add a few centimeters of glue to one side of the headband, or wherever you would like to place your flower. Make sure you add enough glue, because the flower may be heavy.

Step 7: Attach the Flower

Now take your flower, and place it over your patch of glue. Hold the flower tightly in place for a while, until it is dry enough to hold the flower on its own. This may take ten minutes or so.

Step 8: Glue the Crystals

Use your straight pin to add a small bit of glue to the back of your crystal. Do not add too much, because you do not want it to ooze onto the ribbon.

Step 9: Place the Crystals on the Headband

Now add the crystals, one by one, to the right side of the headband. Place them a few centimetres apart.

Using the same technique as above, place the crystals on the left side of the headband, beginning next to the flower. Continue to add the crystals until you reach the end of the headband. Now set out to dry.

Your lovely floral Easter headband is complete! Now you can use your creativity and design others for special occasions, or make them as gifts for little ones you may know. Enjoy the holiday and happy Easter!

Do you have to make an Easter bonnet for your little one this year? What do you think of a making this headband as a bonnet?

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