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Shibori for Beginners: Learn This Season's Hottest Trend

You may have noticed that indigo prints and the ancient Japanese tie-dyeing technique of shibori is one of this season's hottest trends. On the catwalk, designers such as Stella McCartney, Dion Lee and Gabriele Colangelo have used shibori techniques or shibori-style prints across an array of garments in recent collections. 

Meanwhile, indigo and shibori-style prints can also be found on some of the most covetable soft furnishings in designer homewares. 

In this series of tutorials, talented Tuts+ craft instructor Eleanna Kotsikou will show you how to use various shibori and hand-dyeing techniques to create a range of gorgeous handmade pieces, from tote bags and T-shirts to scarves and sneakers. 

Eleanna uses both synthetic blue dye and a natural indigo dye kit to create a number of different, and rather striking, results in this series of craft projects. 

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