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Welcome to Crafttuts+

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We're excited to announce that Crafttuts+ is joining the other Tuts+ sites as the latest member of Envato's educational network!

Crafttuts+ is focused on teaching everything crafty — fundamental craft skills, decorations, ceramics, crochet, jewellery-making, embroidery, candles, paper-craft, knitting, woodwork, printmaking, as well as how to market, sell, and promote your craft work.

Whether you've never even wondered about your crafty side, or consider yourself an expert, we've got you covered! Keep reading to learn a little bit more about the new editor of Crafttuts+ and what we’ll be offering on the site...

It's Craft, but Not as You Know It.

It's probably simplest to explain what you won't find on Crafttuts+. We won't be publishing half-baked tutorials with poor photography, incoherent steps, and mediocre outcomes. Nor will you find the type of craft projects that your nan might be interested in...

Crafttuts+ is all about teaching you how to embark on exciting craft projects that you'll be desperate to try out. We'll be publishing amazingly high-quality, clear, and visually impressive tutorials that are simple to follow. As well as fun one-off projects, we'll have several sessions that take you through the basics of different types of craft — so you'll have a solid place to start learning techniques to build upon later.

We'll be publishing a combination of step-by-step written tutorials and screencasts/video lessons. In most weeks we'll be publishing 4-5 high quality tutorials, so make sure to subscribe/follow Crafttuts+ below so you don't miss a thing!

Meet the Editor, Rebecca Lowrey Boyd

We're very excited to have Rebecca Lowrey Boyd as the Crafttuts+ editor. She's incredibly passionate about all things craft and handmade, runs the excellent Wee Birdy, and is always brimming over with exciting craft ideas to feature on the site.

Rebecca has been hard at work behind the scenes for the past month, building a team of talented authors and teachers who will be sharing their knowledge and crafting experience on the site.

We can't wait to share everything we have in store with you, and I hope you'll join me in welcoming Rebecca as the editor!

Find Crafttuts+ on Pinterest

Craftuts+ on PinterestWe'll be making the most of Pinterest, and carefully curating our own set of boards to keep track of our favourite crafty projects and inspiration.

As well as sharing our latest tutorials on there, we'll be highlighting the work of our authors, favourite crafters, and much more!

Just click below to follow Crafttuts+ on Pinterest, and keep up-to-date with the site:

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Follow & Subscribe

Don't forget to follow Crafttuts+ on Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and everywhere else! Here's how to keep up to date with what's going on:

Thanks for being part of the site, and we hope you'll enjoy all the crafty projects we have lined up over the coming weeks!

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