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The Winner of the Crafttuts+ Pinterest Competition is...

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Thank you to everyone who entered our Pinterest competition. We've had an overwhelming number of entries and it was a difficult job choosing a winner. There were so many inspirational boards with exciting new crafts and projects!

Crafttuts+ Pinterest Comp Winner Crafttuts+ Pinterest Comp Winner Crafttuts+ Pinterest Comp Winner

We're delighted to announce that the winning Pinterest board belonged to Daniella Gallistl. Congratulations, Daniella!

We were blown away by Daniella's board, which was packed with amazing projects ideas and inspirational crafts - from metallic-dipped concrete candles to whimsical fabric cloud mobiles. You can check out Daniella's board here.

We also want to give a special shout-out to the following Pinterest boards, which also featured a plethora of very cool projects. Check them out for a dose of instant inspiration:

1. Mimi Tanaka

2. Veronika Sedláková

3. Ann Marie Wilke

4. Leah Faye

5. Maureen Theisen

Thanks again for all your wonderful entries.

Don't forget to check out what's inspiring us on the Crafttuts+ Pinterest board!

Image sources, clockwise from left: Cloud mobile by The Butter Flying; Concrete candle holders via Stylizimo; Walnut place holders via Knot Magazine.

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