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How To Make A Leather Rainy Cloud Key Chain

Read Time: 5 mins

Even if you're not a fan of rainy days, this super-sweet leather rainy cloud key chain is something to smile about. In this tutorial you'll not only learn how to make a practical key chain with a Fall-inspired theme, but you will also learn some basic skills on working with leather and you'll become familiar with some leathercraft tools. Just click and follow the step-by-step instructions.


KEY CHAIN-suppliesKEY CHAIN-suppliesKEY CHAIN-supplies

1. Create The Cloud and The Drops

Step 1

First, you need to create the design for your key chain. Make a drawing onto paper of a medium-sized cloud of about 5cm to 8cm (2 to 3 in) and five small drops.

1-key chain-draw1-key chain-draw1-key chain-draw

Of course you can also download my pattern and print it out.


Step 2

Now, using a pair of scissors, carefully cut out your design until you end up with a paper cloud and five paper drops.

2-key chain-cut2-key chain-cut2-key chain-cut

Step 3

Place the paper cloud and the paper drops on different colors of leather. I chose a grey-green leather for the cloud and pearl-orange, blue-green and brown-red for the drops. Keeping the paper pieces steady, trace around them onto the leather using a thin black marker.

3-key chain-trace3-key chain-trace3-key chain-trace
4-key chain-trace4-key chain-trace4-key chain-trace

Step 4

At this point, cut out the designs using a pair of scissors. Take care to cut just inside the marker guidelines to keep the final piece of leather clean. Pay extra attention when cutting around the drops as they are small.

5-key chain-cut leather5-key chain-cut leather5-key chain-cut leather

Now all the leather components of your key chain are ready.

6-key chain-cut6-key chain-cut6-key chain-cut

2. Make the Holes

Step 1

Place the paper template over the leather cloud and punch the points of the holes using an awl or a thick needle. This will show you where to place the holes in the next step.

7-key chain- mark holes7-key chain- mark holes7-key chain- mark holes

Step 2

Now it's time to use the punch leather tool. Adjust the wheel of the punch leather tool by turning it in the direction indicated on the tool. Select the smallest size hole.

Create the holes at the bottom of the cloud; they're the ones indicated with a dot on the template. Place the punch leather tool on the exact mark of the holes you made with the awl. Keep it steady on the point and punch a hole through the leather by pressing it firmly.

8-key chain-hole-a8-key chain-hole-a8-key chain-hole-a

Step 3

Adjust the punch leather tool into the next hole size. Place it on the exact mark of the hole on the top of the cloud; it is the one indicated with a circle on the pattern. Punch the hole by pressing firmly.

9-key chain-hole- up9-key chain-hole- up9-key chain-hole- up

Step 4

Adjust the punch leather tool back to the smallest size hole. Using the same technique, punch holes in the leather drops. Work carefully as these pieces are small and delicate. Place the punch tool a little inside the drop but not completely on top, as indicated in the pattern. Now, all the leather pieces have the necessary holes.

10-key chain-hole drops10-key chain-hole drops10-key chain-hole drops

Step 5

You will now use the eyelet pliers to add an eyelet to the top hole and make it more secure. First, place an eyelet into the top hole of the cloud. Make sure that the right side of the eyelet (the flat one) is placed on the front side of the leather.

11- key chain- add11- key chain- add11- key chain- add

Step 6

Place the cloud with the eyelet onto the eyelet pliers. Position the correct side of the leather facing downwards and place the right side of the eyelet on the matching place on the pliers. The 'teeth' of the pliers should be on the opposite side.

12-key chain- place on pliers12-key chain- place on pliers12-key chain- place on pliers

When it's in the correct position, press the pliers firmly.

13-key chain-press13-key chain-press13-key chain-press

Now, the eyelet should be flat and securely pinned on the leather.

14-key chain-press14-key chain-press14-key chain-press

3. Attach the Chain

Step 1

Decide where to position the rain drops. Place each drop under a hole. You can add a second drop on to one of the holes.

15-key chain-position drops15-key chain-position drops15-key chain-position drops

Step 2

When you're satisfied with the positioning of the rain drops, use the wire cutter to cut the chain in to small pieces.

16-key chain-cut chain16-key chain-cut chain16-key chain-cut chain

Each chain length should correspond to the required height for each drop. You need to cut the chain with the two drops at the position of the second drop - in other words, cut it to the longer length.

17-key chain-cut chainb17-key chain-cut chainb17-key chain-cut chainb

Step 3

Open the first jump ring and thread it through a drop and the corresponding chain. Now use the two long nose pliers to carefully close the jump ring. Hold the two ends of the ring and press one towards the other. When the two ends are aligned, press them with the pliers to close the jump ring.

18-key chain-add drop on jump ring18-key chain-add drop on jump ring18-key chain-add drop on jump ring

Step 4

When all the drops are attached to the chain, attach them to the cloud. Place the open end of the chain on a new jump ring and pass the jump ring through the correct hole at the bottom of the cloud. Now carefully close the jump ring using the pliers.

19-key chain-attach drops on cloud19-key chain-attach drops on cloud19-key chain-attach drops on cloud

Add a new jump ring to the fifth drop in the middle of the chain. When all drops are attached, your key chain will look like this.

20-key ring-drops on cloud20-key ring-drops on cloud20-key ring-drops on cloud

Step 5

Now thread a key ring through the top hole of the cloud - the one with the eyelet.

21-key ring-pass key ring21-key ring-pass key ring21-key ring-pass key ring

Just Add Keys

All you need to do now is attach the rainy leather cloud to your keys and you're set to go.

In this tutorial you learned how to make a cute yet practical leather key chain with a Fall-inspired theme.

Now that you're more familiar with leather work, you can create various projects by using these basic techniques for cutting, punching and attaching leather. Use these skills to create projects of your own design like necklaces, earrings, bag tags or decorations.

22-key chain-finala22-key chain-finala22-key chain-finala

Are you working on any leather projects at the moment? Would you like to see more more leather craft? Let us know if you have any questions or comments in the space below.

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