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Create a Place Card Board With Vintage Keys for Your Wedding

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It's sometimes the smallest of details that make a wedding the most memorable - from the hand-drawn map on the invitations to the monogrammed linen napkins at the reception. Whether you serve your favourite flavour of ice cream or dance to a sentimental song, personal details add layers of meaning to your celebration. I was inspired by the vintage key favours at a recent friend's wedding, which held a lot of sentimental value for the couple. In this tutorial, we'll be making a place card board for your wedding with a beautiful vintage keys.


Step 1: Remove the Glass and Cardboard From Frame

Turn the frame over and open the metal closures. Remove the paper, matting, cardboard, and glass behind the frame. You can discard the paper, but keep the others as we will add them back to the frame later.

Step 2: Layer the Gold Card Stock

The matting in our frame has a great burlap texture that we'll use, but we'll also add a layer of gold card stock. You will need two pieces of card stock to fit inside of the burlap matting. Take both pieces of card stock and match the print so that it looks seamless. Use clear tape to secure the front and the back of the card stock. Now remove the tape from the front, as you will no longer need it.

Step 3: Add Glue to the Card Stock

Add a small amount of glue to secure the card stock. Make sure not to add too much as you don't want it to ooze from under the card stock.

Step 4: Secure the Glue

Press down on the card stock to make sure the glue is secured. The glue can dry lumpy so you need to flatten it.

Step 5: Trim the Matting

Flip your matting over. We will be attaching the gold card stock piece to the matting. Measure 10cm on each side of the card stock. Now take a straight edge and a pen, and draw a light line. Trim the card stock along the straight line with your scissors.

Step 6: Glue the Edges of the Matting

Now glue around the edges of the matting. Flip the card stock over, so the white part is facing up. Attach the card stock to the matting. It is easiest to attach by gluing one side of the card stock and continuing the process for all sides.

Step 7: Paint the Wooden Clips

Take your paint brush and and paint sixteen wooden clips. You will need to paint one side first, and then set on paper to dry. Once the first side is dry, paint the other side of each clip, and then allow to dry.

Step 8: Cut the Place Cards

We have pre-creased place cards, so all we need to do is fold each card in half and cut it down the middle. Your place cards can be any size or shape you like - just make sure to measure each card so they are all the same.

Step 9: Punch a Hole in Your Place Card

Make sure you place the hole punch at the top centre of your card. Now, measure 1.27cm (1/2 inch) in and punch a hole. When you remove the hole punch, you should find that the hole is centered.

Step 10: Write the Names

Now take your pen and write each name on your cards. We have make sixteen cards. You can print the names on a computer, or hand write them. We hand-printed each name on our cards. If you are worried about the names being centered and straight on the cards, you can draw light pencil guidelines with a ruler. Just erase your pencil lines when you've finished.

Step 11: Add the Ribbon

Make sure the width of your ribbon is small enough to fit through the hole in your place card. Bend the ends of the ribbon in, and slide the ribbon through the hole.

Step 12: Add the Vintage Key

Choose a vintage skeleton key to add. We ordered several different styles of keys for a varied look. Now slide a key over the ribbon, until it rests on the top of the card. Cross one end of the ribbon over the other and pull tight. Make a loop with one side of the ribbon, and then wrap the other end of the ribbon around the loop one time. Pull the end of the ribbon through and you will have your second loop. You have just made a bow with your ribbon.

Step 13: Angle the Edges of the Ribbon

We like nice, clean edges on our ribbons. Fold the edges of one ribbon together, in half. Angle your scissors and make one cut. Once you make the cut, unfold your ribbon and you should have an upward "V" shape. Now do the same to the other side. Following the steps above, finish making the rest of your place cards.

Step 14: Paint the Frame

Using a small paint brush and gold paint, softly dab the paint around the frame as if you were using a sponge technique. Don't use too much paint and make sure you dab until it blends together. It's OK if some of the frame shows through because we're going for a soft vintage look.

Step 15: Place the Matte into the Frame

Turn the frame over once it is dry. Carefully place the matte into the frame first.

Step 16: Add the Cardboard and the Glass

Now add the cardboard and the glass last. The glass will help to keep your board sturdy. Add the backing of the frame, and push down on all of the metal clips to secure the frame together.

Step 17: Check Placement for Your Cards

Turn your frame over, so the front is facing up. Lay your place cards out, with four cards in each row. You should have four rows (for a total of sixteen cards). Make sure they all fit with enough space for each card.

Step 18: Glue the Gold Clips

Add glue to the bottom of each gold clip (miniature peg) and place it on the matting. Make sure you glue it above each place card. You don't want to glue the place cards on to your board - they should be held in place by the gold clips.

Step 19: Clip the Place Cards

Now add each place card and clip it in to each gold clip. You have just finished your beautiful vintage key place card board.

Are you planning your wedding right now? Are you going to have a seating chart or place cards? We'd love to hear about your DIY plans!

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