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36 Amazing Halloween Craft Tutorials You'll Love


It's almost witching hour! With Halloween just around the corner, we've scoured the (spooky) web to round-up the very best craft tutorials. We've got your Halloween celebrations covered with tutorials on how to make amazing party invitations, monster party hats, spooky goodie bags, scary decorations, sweet treats and the very best carved and no-carve pumpkins. Get your crafty spook on and make it a handmade Halloween!

Paper Jack-o'-Lantern DIY

Madam Citron shows us how to make an eye-catching Jack-o'-Lantern using paper.

Best DIY Halloween Decoration Tutorials Round-up

Southwest Stencilled Pumpkins

In this tutorial, Oleander and Palm show us how to make graphic stencil pumpkins for Halloween.

DIY Halloween decorations tutorial

Halloween Ghost Pom-Poms

Head over to Mr Printables for a tutorial on how to make some spooky pom-pom decorations.

DIY Halloween decoration round-up

Floating Ghost Pendants

We love this ghostly air-dry clay tutorial by A Geek in Glasses for Think Crafts.

DIY Halloween decorations tutorials

Pumpkin Carving and Painting

In this tutorial, The Pinning Mama demonstrates how to carve and paint pumpkins with amazing effects for Halloween.

DIY Halloween decoration tutorials

Needle-Felted Tiny Pumpkins

Learn how to make these adorable tiny pumpkins in this tutorial by Tonya Utkina.

Halloween decoration tutorials

Origami Bat for Halloween

Make this brilliant origami bat in this tutorial by How About Orange.

Halloween decoration tutorials

Spooky Crystal Ball Halloween Candlesticks

Learn how to create these amazing candlesticks in the tutorial by Flamingo Toes.

Halloween decoration tutorials

DIY Calaveras Candle Jar

Make a set of stunning sugar skull Halloween candle jars by OhOh Blog.

DIY Halloween decorations

Pineapple Pumpkin

Why not dress up your pumpkin as a pineapple for Halloween this year? Learn how in this tutorial by Studio DIY.

DIY Halloween decorations

Skeleton Lawn Decor for Halloween

Learn how to create a spooky skeleton tableaux for your garden with Ruffles and Truffles.

DIY Halloween decoration tutorial

Halloween Plush From Spoonflower

Sew an adorable Jack-o-Lantern softie in this tutorial by Wild Olive.

DIY Halloween decoration tutorials

Monster Party Hats

Make some fun monster hats for your Halloween party with this tutorial by Studio DIY.

DIY Halloween decoration tutorials

Ghosts in Mason Jars

We love this tutorial on how to make mini ghost terrariums by Mason Jar Crafts Love.

Halloween decoration tutorials

Yarn Pumpkins

Learn how to make this super-sweet yarn pumpkin garland by Design Improvised.

DIY Halloween decoration tutorials

Confetti Dipped Pumpkins for Halloween

Studio DIY demonstrates how to make these brilliant confetti-dipped pumpkins in this detailed tutorial.

DIY Halloween tutorials

Halloween Jack Skellington Keychain

In this tutorial by Little Things Blogged, you'll learn how to crochet this cool Jack Skellington keychain.

DIY Halloween decoration tutorials

Halloween Rolo Chocolate Monsters

We couldn't resist this tutorial by Cake Whiz on how to make these awesome chocolate monsters with Rolos.

DIY Halloween craft tutorials

Pop-Up Halloween Invitations

Learn how to make these super-cool pop-up invitations in this tutorial by Mini Eco.

DIY Halloween tutorials

Glittered Pumpkins

Learn how to give your Halloween pumpkins a sparkling makeover with this tutorial by Yesterday's Sweetheart.

DIY Halloween tutorials

Tetris Pumpkin

Learn how to make this awesome electronic Tetris pumpkin (aka Pumpktris) with this tutorial by Hahabird.

DIY Halloween Tutorials

Shadow Puppets

In this tutorial by Mini Eco, you'll learn how to make these spooky shadow puppets for Halloween.

DIY Halloween decoration tutorials

Book Page Pumpkin

Learn how to make this amazing pumpkin from an old book with this tutorial by Creations by Kara.

DIY Halloween decoration tutorials

Jack-o'-Lantern Envelope Liners

In this tutorial by Studio DIY, you will learn how to make an awesome set of spooky envelope liners.

DIY Halloween Tutorial

Halloween Goody Bags

In this tutorial by The Postman's Knock, use their free template to create a set of Halloween goody bags.

DIY Halloween decoration tutorials

Chocolate and Vanilla Mummy Cupcakes

Learn how to make these brilliant mummy cupcakes in this tutorial by Sugar and Charm.

DIY Halloween decoration tutorials

Halloween Black Curled Place Cards

Complete your Halloween party table setting and make some place cards in this tutorial by Valley and Co Lifestyle.

DIY Halloween Tutorials

Danish-Inspired Jack-o'-Lanterns

In this tutorial on Design Sponge, Jessica Marquez demonstrates how to make these amazing Danish-inspired Jack-o'-Lanterns.

DIY Halloween tutorials

Glitter Skull Print

Make this glam glitter skull print by following the tutorial on Glitter Guide.

DIY Halloween Tutorials

Gold Geo No-Carve Pumpkins

In this tutorial, Lovely Indeed demonstrates how to make some gorgeous gold geo pumpkins - with no carving involved.

DIY Halloween Tutorials

Halloween Cat Paper Bags

Make these cute Halloween cat paper bags in this tutorial by The Pink Doormat.

DIY Halloween tutorials

Bats Flying Across a Pumpkin

Just when you think you've seen everything you can do with a pumpkin, along comes this tutorial by It All Started With Paint.

DIY Halloween tutorials

DIY Haunted Dolls House With Peg Dolls

Mr Printables shows us how to make this amazing haunted dolls house - with a set of equally cool peg dolls - in this detailed tutorial.

DIY Halloween Tutorials

No-Carve Typography Pumpkins

Make these fantastic typography pumpkins with this tutorial by Fairgoods.

DIY Halloween Tutorials

Hanging Spider Balloons

Make these incredible decorations for your Halloween party with this tutorial by Studio DIY.

DIY Halloween Tutorials

Batty Cupcake Toppers

Making cupcakes for Halloween? You might like to make these batty toppers with this tutorial by Squirrelly Minds.

DIY Halloween Tutorials

Which tutorials are your favourites? Check in next week for our round-up of the very best DIY Halloween costume tutorials for every member of the family.

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