Quick Tip: Make an Awesome Neon String Hoop Inspiration Board


We're still on a New Year, New Creative You beat here at Crafttuts+, and one of the most essential things all creative people need is a real-life inspiration board. But why stick to a boring old square cork board when you could have this amazing neon circular string board instead? This quick project is ultra-fun, inexpensive to make and ripe for personal interpretation - which is just what you want from inspiration board, isn't it?


string hoop inspiration board supplies
  • Wooden hoop. I used one with a diameter of 45cm.
  • Nylon string in the color of your choice. I used approximately 8 metres of neon pink.
  • Washi tape in a co-ordinating color.
  • Mini pegs for hanging your 'inspirational pieces'.

Step 1: Start With a Knot

string hoop inspiration board step 1

Tie a double knot with a bit of a tail at the top which will be used for a loop for hanging the hoop.

Step 2: String It

string hoop inspiration board step 2

Create a star pattern by taking the string to the opposite side of the knot and looping around the back. Stretch the string to the opposite end slightly to the side, loop around to the back and continue going around the circle with a slight angle each time until a star shape forms. This will create a star shape at both the front and back. To secure the string before you get to the end, use little pieces of washi tape every few 'turns'.

string hoop inspiration board step 2 tip

Step 3: Knot Again

string hoop inspiration board step 3

Join the string to the starting knot and tie another knot around the wooden hoop. Take the starting tail and a bit of end tail and tie a knot with whatever length is convenient for you.

Step 4: Run Tape Around the Outside

string hoop inspiration board step 4

Take the washi tape and run around the outside of the hoop for some extra support so the strings don't slip.

Step 5: Get Inspired

string hoop inspiration board step 5

Choose the 'best looking' star as your 'right-way-up' and create an inspiration board by attaching pictures (or any other material - think flowers, feathers and foliage) with mini pegs. The hoop was light enough to be held with a few strips of washi tape, but you could of course hang it from a picture hook or nail. I think this has the chance to be quite versatile with doing different shapes, maybe just three strings tied across, and with colors that you could change to match your inspiration board.

I'd love to know what you would do! Let me know in the comments below.

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