Make a Statement Dreamcatcher Necklace with Stones and Wire


We recently spotted this stunning dreamcatcher necklace on actress Shailene Woodley and had to have it. Dreamcatchers are perennially popular with kids and teenagers (who didn't have one above their bed as a kid?) but the traditional Native American symbol has become a trendsetter once again. We've created a DIY version of this statement piece that combines natural elements with wire for an edgy boho look.


  • Center drilled natural stone or rock
  • Silver chain
  • Three short pieces of slightly larger chain size, each about three inches long
  • Three large jump rings
  • Three small jump rings
  • One headpin
  • Two top drilled crystals
  • Two small beads
  • 20 or 22 gauge silver wire
  • Three inch metal macrame ring
  • Jewelry pliers
  • Wire cutters

1. Make the Dreamcatcher Pendant

Step 1

Thread the wire through the center drilled hole of the stone.

Thread the stone

Step 2

Put the stone in the middle of the macrame ring with the wire underneath.

Place stone

Step 3

Wrap the short end of the wire around the metal ring until it is secure. Then start wrapping the long end of the wire around the stone, looping it around the metal circle once or twice each time you go around the stone.

Wrap wire

Step 4

Crisscross around the center of the ring, keeping the stone in place in the center. Make sure to wrap on both the front and the back of the stone. When you're happy with the amount of wire wrapping, loop the wire around the ring several times and cut the end.

Finish wrapping

2. Add the Necklace Chain

Measure how long you want the necklace to hang and cut a length of silver chain. Open a large jump ring and put it through the end of the chain. Attach the jump ring to the metal ring and close.

Attach chain

3. Attach Bottom Hanging Elements

Step 1

Open a small jump ring and place it on the end of one of the short pieces of chain. Attach it to the center of the bottom of the dream catcher pendant and close.

wrap stems

Step 2

Repeat Step 1 to attach the other two pieces of chain on either side of the dreamcatcher.

three chains

Step 3

Open two large jump rings and add a bead to each one. Attach each jump ring and bead to the ends of the two outer pieces of chain.

attach bead

Step 4

Stack the two pieces of crystal on the headpin and cut the pin, leaving about a quarter-inch length.

stack crystals

Step 5

Put the end of the headpin through the end of the middle chain and curl the end with your pliers.

attach crystals

Wear Your Dreamcatcher Necklace

We love the combination of a whimsical dreamcatcher with the natural stones, and the chain adds the right amount of edge.

dreamcatcher necklace

This unique piece looks great with simple, understated shirts or dresses. Don't let it get lost in a busy pattern and have fun getting noticed!

wearing dreamcatcher

Do you love dreamcatchers? You can make a stunning modern dreamcatcher in our tutorial here. Let us know in the comments - we'd love to hear from you!

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