How to Make a Woven Felt Sleeve for Your iPad


I love the contrast between tech and handmade, so the idea of making a woven felt iPad sleeve appealed to me. High tech versus low tech is always a nice balance. The lovely woven texture not only looks great, but it will also do a great job safeguarding your iPad from scratches and bumps. Just make sure you pop it in a bag or satchel for extra protection.



1. Prepare the Weaving Base

Step 1

Cut a piece of felt measuring 21cm x 58cm.

Mark out the weaving base as shown in the photo below.

Measure and rule a line 1.5cm in from the left hand edge and a second line 22.5cm in from the left edge. Rule a third line 27.5cm in from the left edge, and a final line 8cm in from the right hand edge.

Measure and rule a line 3cm down from the top edge, then add five more parallel lines 3cm apart.


Step 2

Cut along the warp lines (the horizontal pen lines marked in the photo above) using the rotary cutter and ruler, stopping a few millimetres (roughly a quarter inch) from each end line (the vertical pen lines marked in the photo above). So they begin 1.5 cm in from the left, stop for a gap of 5cm in the centre, and stop 8cm from the right hand edge.

Use the scissors to cut the last bit of each line, so the end of the cuts stop accurately.


Step 3

Fold the felt with the pen lines on the outside, so the cut warp lines are aligning on the front and back. This will leave you with 8cm of extra felt at one end for the fold-over flap. Pin as shown.


2. Cut the Weft Strips

The weft strips are the ones you'll use to weave. Cut 14 pieces of felt with the rotary cutter measuring 3cm x 26cm each.


3. Start Weaving

Step 1

Weave the first weft strip through the front side of the felt base. Make sure you don't weave through both the front and back pieces of the base.

Centre the weft strip on the base.


Step 2

Continue weaving the strips through the front piece until you reach the top. The seven rows of weft strips will fit snugly in the spaces you've cut.


Step 3

Turn the piece over and use the remaining strips to weave the back of the iPad sleeve.


4. Finish Off

Step 1

Making sure the weft strips are flat and in alignment on both the front and back (pin in place if necessary), sew quarter inch seams up both sides.


Step 2

Trim the excess weft strips using the rotary cutter.


Step 3

Turn the sleeve out the right way and press the side seams flat between your fingers.


5. Embellish

If you'd like to decorate your sleeve, use stranded embroidery floss to stitch simple X marks randomly on the front of the sleeve.


Protect your iPad With Style

Pop your iPad into the sleeve, fold the flap over and tuck it inside.


How did you find this tutorial? Would you like to see more tutorials on crafty ways to protect your gadgets? Let us know in the comments section below.

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