• Printmaking
    Make Your Own Simple Printed Cushion Cover400px printed cushion final1
    In this tutorial you'll learn how to make your very own printed cushion cover. It's super-easy, using just three pieces of fabric. So you can whip one up in no time. I went for a fresh and feminine floral pattern which contrasted nicely with the bright and bold font. Let's get started.Read More…
  • Printmaking
    Printmaking Essentials: Carve and Print Your Own WoodblockRetina preview1
    There are so many methods around today that we can use to print a picture. Though the majority of them are quicker and more efficient, some of us find fullness, tranquility, and artistic expression in the ancient art of hand printing that is unmatched by any other media. With this tutorial, you'll learn the technique for carving and printing your very own woodblock.Read More…
  • Printmaking
    Screen Printing Fundamentals: How to Print the Eco-Friendly WayEcofriendlyscreenprinting2 200x200
    Screen printing is a fun art form that you can do at home. Traditional techniques, however, can be harsh on both you and the environment. Luckily, there are alternative products and practices out there that will make for safer printing. This tutorial will show you one way to print while lessening your environmental impact. Have a look!Read More…
  • Paper Crafts
    How to Carve Your Own Beautiful StampsThe red thread stamping preview
    Carving your own stamps and printing by hand is easy and you can achieve lovely results, even if you think you have no artistic ability. It’s a simple way to customise and transform almost anything. This tutorial shows you how to carve a stamp from an eraser as well as ideas on how to use your stamps and how to create patterns with them.Read More…
  • Printmaking
    Make Your Own Gorgeous Geo Hand-Printed Tea-TowelsFinal1
    Don't you find the idea of designing your own fabric fascinating? In this hand-printed tea-towel tutorial you will learn not only how to block print on fabric but also how to create your own geometrical stamps. No special skills needed to hand-print your own super-cute tea towels. It's super easy!Read More…
  • Printmaking
    How to Make Freezer Paper StencilsFreezer paper stencil preview
    Sometimes, no matter how hard you look, you just can't find what you're looking for. It might be a motif in a particular colour, a particular word on a particular item, or maybe you just have a better idea for a T-shirt that you haven't seen yet. Enter freezer paper. With it, you're able to create any word/shape/picture you desire (and are willing to cut out with a scalpel!) which allows you to transform simple library bags, kids T-shirts, all those plain-coloured napkins, pillowcases and cushions with paint and patience. And not even that much patience - it doesn't take too long at all. Here's how to DIY.Read More…